Catching ghosts on camera has become big business. Examples: the four-film “Paranormal Activity film series (a fifth edition will be released this fall); popular ghost hunting shows that draw huge audiences. The idea is to operate a light sensitive camera, preferably one that films in the dark or near-dark. Set it up and wait for the ghost to mutter or show up with some shadow or strange light exposure. The “Paranormal” film series is based on pseudo-documentary stories of hauntings by a demon out to get a family. Director Oren Peli says of his films, “If something is lurking in your home there’s not much you can do about it.”

When an Australian man living in Tasmania decided to do some ghost busting he got an unusual surprise. His camera caught not a ghost but his 28-year-old, live-in lover, with whom he had a child, having sex with his 16-year-old son! The woman at first denied the relationship, but when confronted with the video footage she relented, saying she was “ashamed and embarrassed at her conduct.” Unfortunately for her, in Tasmania the age of consent is 17, and she was forced to plead guilty to five counts of sex with a minor. She’ll be sentence next week, and I, for one, hope she gets the proverbial book thrown at her.

A couple of thoughts. First, the indiscriminate sexual coupling that is part of our age leads to such moral oddities. As for the man whose son cuckolded him, should he be surprised? If this woman was willing to shack up with him and have an illegitimate child, what morals would seriously hold her to any vows of fidelity? The son was one more conquest, one more erotic pleasure divorced from morality. Second, what if there is a real ghost in the house? The man must have suspected one to have sought to film a poltergeist. That ghost-demon must be laughing now at the misery it has caused. The moral of the story for this Tasmanian man? Avoid fornication, get your son to church, and get an exorcist to cleanse your house. Contrary to what director Peli says, you can do something about getting out the ghosts.