Tuesday, Sept 16, 2014

It’s a helpless baby that everyone is trying to save. It was found last week, lying outside a building in Fontana, California. The mother’s health is critical to the survival of this infant so everything is being done to nurture her. Health officials are trying to keep this baby alive until it can start eating solid food. No cost or effort is too little for this precious, diminutive life. It can barely survive outside the mother so extraordinary measure are being taken. It’s so small it can fit inside the palm of a human hand, but it’s not human. It’s a baby opossum. The mother was found almost dead, beaten with a rock by some cruel person. Police are looking for the perpetrator of this crime of cruelty. Admittedly this small animal is cute and stirs our sympathies for its suffering. But there is a question worth asking. Why would a culture that makes such a fuss over an animal show so little regard for the lives of innocent human babies who are mercilessly aborted every day? The numbers are staggering: fifty million a year worldwide, 1.3 million a year in the U. S, nearly 3,700 a day! I ask you. Which photo concerns you most? The answer says a lot about your politics, your morality, and your religion.

An encouraging word:  HOW TO GET TO SLEEP

In an age of Ambien, Lunesta, and Zzzquil we’ve taken for granted that insomnia is a pill away. I recognize that there are times we all, for various stress or health reasons, may need a little help to fall asleep. But the Bible has the best sleep aid there is: confidence and trust in the Lord. The Psalmist (4:8) said, “I will both lie down in peace and sleep.” How? “You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” David had more than a little sleeplessness. He was living in fear of his life, and still he slept like a baby because he turned it all over to the Lord. You’ve got to admit that releasing your fears and pressures to God is a lot better than counting sheep or drugging yourself to sleep.

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