Monday, December 21, 2015

Brynne Larson with her book in Barnes & Nobel bookstores.
As most of our friends know, I have been recuperating from knee-replacement surgery. Forgive me for mentioning the important facts again, but some aren’t familiar with our ministry. This was a very serious operation, especially for the possibility of life-threatening blood clots. Three years ago the opposite knee was operated on, and I did suffer clots. I came within minutes of dying. Naturally, this time around my family has been a bit on edge. My progress, 14-days post-op as of this blog, has been excruciating with lots of complications. I don’t handle medications well, so I can’t take the normal dosages of pain killers to assuage the agony. I mention this because my state of misery set the stage for God speaking to me.


While in a lot of pain, I received a phone call. It was our oldest daughter Brynne on the line. “Dad, my book is in Barnes and Nobel!” she said excitedly. Suddenly, my suffering became a non-issue. A smile crossed my face, and I replied, “That’s great, sweetie. Your mom and I are so proud of you.”


Brynne’s book, The Dark Side of the Supernatural, came out last summer. Since then she’s been so busy with her transition to a new University (junior in pre-med) that she never took time to see how secular sales of her book were doing. While Christmas shopping she looked to see if her book was in stock. There it was, on the shelves of one of the largest secular booksellers in America. That’s an extra-ordinary achievement for a 21-year-old woman: a book exposing the works of Satan and warning about evils from vampires to Harry Potter, on the shelves of a bigtime secular outlet.


In one call, God changed my perspective on what really matters. I looked away from my suffering for a season. In our daughter, and the lives of thousands of students of our International School of Exorcism®, as well as many hundreds of dedicated Do What Jesus Did® deliverance teams up all over the world, there is a legacy that will last. A mission that really matters. (Our other two daughters are doing great things too, but more on that some other time.)


This ministry isn’t about cool communication, prophetic hype, and short-term spirituality. This is a much-maligned ministry that is short on accolades and long on Christian critics. Standing by me are hundreds of incredible men and women across this land and around the world who minister in the trenches week after week, without fanfare and often little regard. They heal souls in Nashville; fight demons in Atlanta; comfort the wounded Portland; rescue the lost in Lakeland; crush the devil in Dallas; mash the enemy in Miami, and deliver hundreds every week in scores of other cities.


After my daughter’s call, my body didn’t hurt any less, but the pain didn’t matter as much. I refocused on my blessings and the privilege to “do what Jesus did.” I’ll be back on two good feet soon and ready more than ever to defeat the devil in the Name of Jesus!


An encouraging word: A CHILD IS BORN

“Unto us a child is born.” Those words of Isaiah 9:6 are spoken hundreds of thousands of times a day. But more than 2,700 year ago they were uttered regarding a particular child, without knowing exactly who this baby should be. He certainly would be no ordinary child. Isaiah declared that he would be “the Prince of Peace.” The prophet’s listeners must have been astonished, or perhaps thought he was exaggerating. Now, we know of whom the ancient one spoke. That babe is to millions worshipped as the “Wonderful, Counsellor,” “the Mighty God.” What an amazing moment in time when Isaiah spoke, only overshadowed by that moment when He was born and lay in a manger.

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