Monday, September 12, 2016


Actual New Age ad soliciting those going through a divorce or relationship break-up.


My wife recently emailed me a unique advertisement she came across on the web. The headline was grabbing, “Cures for a Broken Heart.” Well, whose heart hasn’t been broken, at least once? And who wouldn’t be open to a solution that cured the emotional pain? The byline implored, “A holistic guide to ease the heartbreak and get you back on the path to love.” It sounded good, but that word “holistic” bothered me. Nothing per se wrong with something being “holistic,” as in being comprehensive and interconnected, like medicine treating the whole person, physically and psychologically. But it’s usually a New Age buzz-word, and a little more investigation of this “cure” confirmed my worst suspicions.

For the lovelorn and pining, the web site offered a variety of solutions to recover and get back on the love boat of life. Naturally, yoga was on the menu to achieve one’s “core purpose” of “well-being, consciousness, and spirituality.” If that didn’t do the job there were reiki sessions, to soothe the wounded soul with the “energy life force that flows within and around all of us.” Still not over that jerk who dumped you? Well, try “astrology immersion,” to “learn your astrological signature and how it influences your life,” held in the Zodiac Lounge. If you still aren’t over that formerly-special someone, you can “dive deeper” into “celestial alignment” or the “mystic tarot” workshop. Oh, did I forget to mention there is also “shamanistic cleansing” and “past life regression therapy?” (My book LARSON’S BOOK OF WORLD RELIGIONS has teaching on every one of these demonic dangers. To order CLICK HERE. Don’t be fooled by Reiki energy work or so-called “Holy Yoga.”)

This potpourri of occult evil is cleverly packaged, without the warning that any one of these pastimes, intended to heal the broken heart, comes with guaranteed demonic possession as an add-on. In Luke 4:18 the Lord declared that He came to heal the brokenhearted. Don’t be fooled by the devil’s offer to soothe the pain of your wounded feelings at the eternal price of your soul in bondage to Satan.

An encouraging word: DON’T BE BEWITCHED
“O foolish Galatians. Who has bewitched you,” the apostle Paul implored (Galatians 3:1). Today, it’s not only the Galatians who have been bewitched, but far too many Americans. Popular culture has been bewitched by abortionist who defend their “right to choose,” never mind that the unborn baby has no rights at all; by proponents of “equality,” who keep pushing the moral barriers to places unheard of even in Caligula’s Rome; by New Agers who resurrect ancient witchcraft remarketed under the guise of harmony with the universe to soothe the soul. Look around at your own life and see if there are ways you’ve been bewitched from following biblical standards of behavior.

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