Thursday, April 23, 2015




He claims to be a Christian but hardly ever goes to church. Try to name the last night you saw Barack and Michelle Obama, with their children, exiting a church on Sunday morning. Rare. He’s not exactly compliant with Hebrews 10:25 to not forsake the assembling of believers. But open a mosque, and he’s there on the spot, or at least he plans to be. A 15-acre, $100 million mega-mosque is about to open in Lanham Maryland, not far from Washington, D. C. It was paid for mostly by foreign money and will be dedicated by Turkey’s repressive Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. America is a free country and if Muslims want to build a mosque, they can. But one has to wonder about the extraordinary infusion of such massive state money, supplied by a foreign government, to impress upon America a religious viewpoint that has factions which have pledged our destruction and the annihilation of Israel.

But more to the point. Show me a single photo of Obama attending the dedication of a church, any church, let alone an evangelical one. But Islam calls, and he comes running. That’s not to say that our President is a Muslim, but you have to wonder what’s really going on in his heart. Most are aware of his refusal to label ISIS terrorists as “Islamic.” More important, what does this mean for our country’s future? We are slowly slip-sliding away from our Christian heritage to a more secularist society, but also a more Islamic culture, aided by our President. If Mr. Obama feels he has to attend the Lanham mosque to promote international relations, that’s one thing. But at a time when radical Muslims around the world are beheading Christians and throwing them off boats to drown, this would be a good time for the President to get his family in a solid Bible-preaching church on Sunday morning to hear the Gospel. I recommend a good African-American deliverance church where he can get a dose of Holy Ghost power. I’ll be speaking in such a church in Raleigh this weekend, and the invitation is open for him to come.


An encouraging word:

Do you have enemies? Everyone does. They may be casual acquaintances or even family members. Those are sometimes the worst. Well, I have good news from Psalm 18:48. The promise of God as expressed by King David was that the Lord “saves me [you] from my [your] enemies.” Not only that but the Lord also will also “lift you up above” your enemies. Deliverance and exaltation. It doesn’t get much better. But this is a promise you must possess by faith, so start now declaring its truth in your life. Watch how God will keep you safe from all your adversaries and help you rise higher than all their attacks.

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