Monday, July 11, 2016

Michelle and Barak Obama’s new digs come January, 2017. Not bad.

Happy Birthday, America. In President Obama’s hometown, Chicago, over Independence Day weekend, 64 were shot, five were killed. That’s 389 so far this year, more than New York and L. A. combined, and the year’s just half over. And where is Obama moving after he finishes his two-term assault on Americans morals? A $5 million house in a ritzy D. C. suburb. How hypocritical to leave behind the African-American area that put him in the White House for a new suburban palace away from the killing fields of South Chicago.

Also on July 4th this past week, I noticed an interesting story coming out of Cuba, Obama’s new BFF. Not only is our 90-miles-away neighbor to the south increasing persecution of Christians and all dissidents, in spite of Obama’s “normalized” relationship, but it turns out that Cuba has become a potential hotbed for Radical Islam−a short boat ride away. Cuba, traditionally associated with Santeria witchcraft, Catholicism, and atheism, now has a growling Muslim community of 10,000. Thanks to Obama’s lifting of sanctions against Cuba it can only grow larger. Can anyone seriously think that among those 10K Muslims there are no radicalized, ISIS-friendly terrorist? And that Cuba would do nothing to hide them? Of course not.

In the final days of Obama’s White House we’ve been handed two crises, as stated above. More violence than ever in our urban, African-American communities (a problem his ethnicity was supposed to help solve) and a burgeoning terrorist threat just off the shores of Miami. Whoever is elected president had better get both these things under control quickly or Independence Day 2017 may indeed be bleak. This also underscores the importance of the Christian vote in November.

An encouraging word: WORKS OF THE FLESH.
We hear much preaching about the “fruits of the spirit” as detailed in Galatians 5:22-23. But we don’t hear so much, these days, about the “works of the flesh,” which are pointed out earlier in verses 19-21. Though we need both reminders, I would suggest that in our morally corrupt world, culture is long overdue to be reminded that the Bible details very definitive acts of evil, including “adultery, fornication, lewdness, sorcery, hatred, and drunkenness,” to name a few. People today who ascribe to a relative morality miss the point that sin is specific and it is actual deeds that can damn the soul. We all need this reminder.

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