Monday, March 21, 2016


A friend sent me the ad above some weeks ago, about this guy Adrian Lee. I put it in my file labeled “They can’t be serious; I’ve got to write a blog about this!” First, this guy’s demonic eyes give him away. Second, he’s a paranormal investigator. Seriously? That’s his Christian credential? He doesn’t even rate a Wikipedia entry. His web site says, “Tarot reader, clairvoyant, Reiki healer.” Christian? He claims to use his “spirit guide” to contact dead loved ones. Necromancy. Christian? (Read Deuteronomy 18:11.)

This idea of Christians claiming psychic gifts isn’t new. Every week I minister to people bound by demons who have gone to some “spiritual” healer or medium. In most cases, the diviner claimed to be a Christian and often displayed pictures of Jesus and crosses. They said prayers. Maybe held a Bible. Some quoted scripture. The book, pictured above, claims to tell the truth concerning “what the Bible says about Mediums, Healers, and Paranormal Investigators.” Lee says he’s a devout Christian, whatever that means. He purports, in his book, to show Christians how to “safely and effectively” use their “God-given psychic gifts.”

Let’s be clear. The Bible in unmistakable language calls such things “detestable” (NIV); an abomination (KJV). Divination, mediumship, consulting the dead, and sorcery all warranted the death penalty in ancient Israel. New Age energy machines; Reiki energy healers; angel cards and Tarot readings; all such things are forbidden by God and open the door of one’s soul to demons. There is no such thing as a Christian psychic; these two words are antithetical. And while I’m at it, can insightful Christians stop calling themselves “seers?” The word has too many occult connotations. Look it up. It usually refers to powers of divination and sorcery and has throughout history. I understand that some want to redefine the term in a Christian sense. We must stop this trend of trying to Christianize yoga, tai chi, qigong etc. The latest is the “movementology” dance craze which seeks to release the “energy” and “anointing” of choreographed body movements to draw close to the Lord. What happened to fasting and prayer?

Beware? The occult, New Age, and Eastern religious spirits are entering the American church, especially those congregations that don’t believe a Christian can be demonized. How clever. How diabolical. And how ignorant and short-sighted of Christian leaders.

An encouraging word: HE RESTORES YOUR SOUL
“He restores my soul.” Those classic words from Psalm 23:3 say so much more than most realize. This promise of God reminds us that no matter what the devil has done to bring spiritual havoc to our lives, He restores. If careless choices have resulted in emotional devastation, He restores. Should the years take a toll on the courage of one’s faith, He restores. If relationships have grown cold, He restores. If His presence is not as dear as it once was, He restores. No matter what loss you may be facing today, never forget, God is a God of restoration.

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