Friday, June 20, 2014



A new study out this week, published in The Wall Street Journal, reveals interesting statistics about how Americans spend their time, including weekdays and weekends. Compared to ten years ago, as a nation we are sleeping more and praying less. What we do spend much more time doing is watching TV. Keep in mind these stats are on-average and include all people of all ages over 14, employed and unemployed as well as retired. Here’s the numbers based on hours/minutes per day:

  • 8:44 Sleeping
  • 3:44 Working
  • 2:46 Watching TV
  • 2:29 Sports
  • 1:14 eating
  • 0:19 all organizational, civic, and religious activities combined!

As it looks on paper we’re a bit of a lazy, self-indulgent society, with little concern for others, and certainly not much regard for God. I don’t know where you fit in this spectrum, but I am an extreme outlier to these numbers. Sleep? Try 5-6 hours a night. Work? 10-14 hours a day (sometimes exceeding that). Watching TV? Almost zero, except for cable news in the morning over breakfast.


Look again at the 0:19 number for all altruistic/religious time. Winnow that down to actual time spent in church, Bible reading, and serious prayer, and the figures are almost non-existent by comparison to other indulgences. Is it any wonder that moral disintegration and violence are increasing? It’s easy to blame our problems on guns and political gridlock, but the real culprit that is killing Americans may be too much time in bed and too little time in worship.

An encouraging word:  GOD CAN SAVE YOU“The arm of the Lord is not too short to save,” says Isaiah 59:1. This anthropomorphic passage envisions God as if He literally had an arm, reaching out to rescue those who are perishing or in need of deliverance. We know that God is a Spirit without human dimensions, but Isaiah uses this word-picture to make the grace of God more understandable. Whatever you need saved from — your sins, your failures, even your demons — God can do it. You will never be too far away from Him to be reached by His arm, His love, and His power extended in your direction.


Bob Larson has trained healing and deliverance teams all over the world to set the captives free and Do What Jesus Did� (Luke 4:18).  You can partner with Bob and support this vision to demonstrate God’s power in action by calling 303-980-1511 or clicking here to donate online.