Thursday, December 12th, 2013  


Chart from recent New Zealand census showing religious affiliation
It has been said that under President Obama we are economically becoming Europe. With the Obamacare disaster, it should be obvious that creeping socialism has a terrible price to pay. While our economy looks more and more everyday like European socialism, let’s pray that spiritually we don’t become New Zealand. The latest census results from that country indicate it is far more non-religious than anyone realized. According to the most recent published poll, 42 percent of the population professes to have no religion. In 1956, over 90 percent of the population identified as Christian. As part of the British Commonwealth, New Zealand is officially a Christian nation, like England, owing allegiance to the Church of England.

I’ve been to New Zealand many times and love the country. Kiwis, as they are known, are great people. They are some of the friendliest you will find anywhere. New Zealand is a beautiful country. One of my favorite cities on earth is Queenstown. It’s there that I para-sailed over a mile in the air to help overcome my phobia of heights. But it appears that the people of New Zealand are developing a phobia against God. I pray revival will come to that land so it doesn’t become another spiritual wasteland like Europe. In the meantime, America needs a spiritual wake up call so our economy doesn’t become like Europe and our spirituality doesn’t become like new Zealand.

An encouraging word: RESIST THE DEVIL
“Resist the devil and he will flee from you,” James 4:7 promises.  For most Christians that resistance is pretty passive. As for rebuking Satan, that ideal is foreign in nearly all American pulpits. I’ve put it this say: “The devil doesn’t go until you tell him to go!” RESIST is an active verb requiring decision and determination. Don’t think the devil will leave you alone just because you’re a Christian.  He won’t depart from his attacks and influence until you give him the order to leave you alone!

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