Thursday, February 6th 2014

The attacks are coming from everywhere, and Satan isn’t letting up. We need your prayers.

The media buzz continues. Since the CNN story two weeks ago about Skype exorcisms, worldwide media has bombarded me wanting to know about Skype exorcisms. Under that guise, a reporter for a major online site try to prank me. He purported to donate real money toward our ministry for serious time with me to have an exorcism. His deception was pretty obvious, but I elected to consider the possibility that the plight he described of childhood sexual abuse might be legitimate. With that assumption, I ministered to him as I would anyone else who was genuine and aboveboard. Here is part of the email I sent him at the end of our time:

I want to follow up our time together. I realize that you were less than forthright about who you are and the possible intentions of your call. Several times I referred to the fact that this might be a possible ruse just to let you know that any misrepresentation on your part would invalidate the entire process. Several things that you said were dead giveaways and very transparent, but I gave you the benefit of the doubt in case you personally were in genuine need. Much of your story was inconsistent, but I chose to accept you at face value. If you lied about the facts of your life, it’s a sad commentary on any kind of journalism done with deception. If you were, by chance, being sincere about what you told me, then I will respect your privacy and not reveal details of our conversation publicly. And I will be willing to help your further for a time at no additional expense to you. On the other hand, should any part of our time together appear in any public format, we may take whatever legal action may be appropriate. I in no way consented to any recording of our conversation in any format, and the appropriate statues would apply to this.

Two thoughts: first, why would I do anything like this? Even though this man was deceptive I had no way of knowing if, in spite of his ill motives, whether or not some facts that he shared might be true.  Perhaps, what he meant for evil God could mean for good by my helping him. I’ve had people try to fool me before, and they actually ended up manifesting demons much to their surprise. But the saddest commentary on what happened is the ruse, if it was that, of claiming sexual abuse.  Molestation and sexual violence is all too common in our culture, and it’s not a funny matter.  It’s far too serious to use as some kind of trap to “expose” an exorcist. I haven’t heard back from this man. I don’t expect to until his article appears. Such attacks come with the territory of stepping outside of the box for the Lord.  For the next reporter who tries such an unscrupulous tactics, I suggest you find a different scenario rather than claiming predatory abuse. That kind of ploy is too demeaning to real victims of sexual crime.

An encouraging word:  PERSECUTION

“All that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution” (1 Tim 3:12). We’ve forgotten that in America. But Christians around the world know better. Our feel-good, seeker-friendly kind of Christianity tends to emphasize positive superlatives more than calls to boldness and sacrifice. But opposition from evil has to be faced as part of being a Believer. If you aren’t encountering any opposition to your faith, maybe you aren’t much of a threat to the devil. Persecution because you have odd religious practices doesn’t quality. But persecution from genuine godliness is a badge of honor to wear quietly and humbly.

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