Tuesday, October 1st 2013




The man seen here, a father with five children,
was shot by terrorists. He died later.


We now know that the Muslim terrorist group al-Shabab that attacked Nairobi, Kenya’s Westgate Mall had specific intentions to kill non-Muslims. They came prepared with guns, bullets, and a list of trivia questions about Islam, such as the name of Mohammed’s mother. If you answered correctly, you lived. Fail to give the correct response and you were considered “kuffar,” an infidel and you died. This life-or-death litmus test arose out of bad publicity the terrorist group received after mass killing incidents in which innocent Muslims died. So, the murderers decided on religiously correct criteria to determine who was worthy of life.

Such diabolical intentions in the name of God certainly don’t reflect the 99+% of peaceful Muslims who live in nations such as Malaysia and Indonesia and number in the hundreds of millions. But the question must be asked: What are these people and their governments doing to methodically confront militant, murderous Jihadists who besmirch their faith? More important, why doesn’t the Obama administration put pressure on these governments to act decisively and stop the killing cults of al-Shabab and  al-Qaida? Why must it be American troops and money that does the job?

If Christianity adopted a “confess or die” modality of conversion the world would act unanimously to persecute all Christians, you can be sure of that. But then Christians are people who turn the other check and are no threat to life and limb. Radical Jihadists intimidate by terror even peaceful adherents of their own religion. Stand up against Muslim radicals and you risk your life. There is a time to turn the other cheek, but not when it comes to the murder of innocent people. Our President needs to stop lying to the American people by saying we aren’t a Christian nation. We were founded on Judeo-Christian principles. One of those tenants is to defend the weak and make certain there are no more Westgate mall, answer-correctly-or-you-die questions.

An encouraging word: LOVE CONQUERS HATE

“Pray for those who persecute you,” Matthew 5:44 compels us. The “love your enemies” ethic of Christianity isn’t easy to practice. But if I’ve learned anything in all my years of dealing with demons it’s that love is more powerful than hate. Satan has a defense for almost every Christian counter-strategy, but he has no way to defend against unconditional love. Loving people is the path to their conversion and their liberation. The devil can’t understand Godly love and he is incapable of mounting a resistance against it.


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