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Muslims smash Jewish graves at Mount of Olives

A friend sent me a YouTube link to a video so sickening I could barely watch it. A smartphone camera had captured a radical Muslim armed mob invading a Libyan WW II cemetery, established to commemorate British soldiers. Grave markers were toppled, especially those inscribed with a Star of David. White stone memorials were smashed, stomped on, and broken to pieces as the crowd laughed. A tall, cement cross, at the head of the cemetery, suffered the blows of sledge hammers in an attempt to bring it down. The footage was so nauseating I couldn’t bear to watch a second time.

Yet the mere mention of an insult to Mohammed by anyone insignificant, the rumor of a single Koran being treated improperly, and mobs march to loot, burn, and murder in the name of religion. How long will this be tolerated? Not just by the spineless West, but by the vast majority of decent Muslims? I have prayed for many Muslims who come to me seeking help for freedom from their jinns (the Islamic word for “demons”). They are kind people, and I minister deliverance to them lovingly. They live decent lives and would never kick over the tombstone of a Christian. There are hundreds of millions of Muslims like this, but they remain too silent. The Bin Ladens grab the headlines and the radicals who want a return to the time of the Caliphs intimidate those who want to peacefully live their lives.

There is no single answer to this mindless uprising of Islamic militancy that wants to chop off heads and return Sharia law; but we must remember that for centuries Christians and Muslims, as well as Jews and Muslims, have lived together in peace. There is enough blood on the hands of everyone to stop pointing fingers and begin embracing reason. I make no apologies for believing that Jesus Christ is the way, the Truth, and the Life. I also know that respect goes a long way on the journey toward creating a civil society where the Gospel of Christ can be freely shared. Toppling tombstones isn’t the way to get there.