Fallon Fox

I admit it. I am not a fan of mixed martial arts, MMA for short. The scene of two thugs, more brawn than brain, in a wire cage pounding each other bloody has a gladiatorial feel to it. If you’ve never seen MMA, the slugfest allows punching, wrestling, kicking, both standing and on the mat. It’s no-holds-barred fight. Perhaps I’m old school. I know that even some Christians watch it. Even do it. That’s between them and the Lord. But here’s what really concerns me. You might think it’s the kind of “sport’ designed for hulky he-men. You’re wrong. Even women do it, a cat-fight on steroids.

The latest MMA controversy isn’t about broken bones or life-long injuries but is focused on Fallon Fox, the first transsexual fighter in the MMA. Fox, 37, was born male but went to Thailand to have his genitals removed and receive sex reassignment surgery. He, now a she, turned pro a year ago and debuted by knocking out his/her opponent. Since, some potential female antagonists have opted out of fighting a woman who was once a man. Others welcome the chance to fight Fallon who has become a celebrity on the MMA circuit.

Celebrity? Is this what our culture has come to? If you’re not shocked and outraged you should be. As I said, I don’t care for MMA, but how fair is it for women to grapple with someone with the muscle strength and body type of an athletic male? Sex-altering surgery is an affront to God. It’s saying that God created a mistake. I understand there may be many psychological factors affecting one’s perceived sexual identity, and I have sympathy for such gender-identity confusion. I have counseled such people, and I have seen them set free. I offer them God’s grace and deliverance to bring their mental state in line with their physically created reality. I recommend they get serious psychological help. I don’t suggest they get on a plane to Bangkok and then sign a contract to pummel women with the body (minus genitals) of a man.