DATELINE: London, July 7, 2013 

In yesterday’s blog I related the miracle of Beth who rode a train 4 hours from Exeter to London seeking deliverance. She was accompanied by her friend Julia who traveled the long distance with her. Beth had been a chaplain in the Church of England, Great Britain’s official state church, but had to take leave due to her severe spiritual oppression. She came to our London seminar on Saturday, July 6, and received a remarkable deliverance. Her exorcism was intense, somewhat violent, and transformational. The next morning, she stood in church during the Sunday service we conducted and gave her testimony. Beth beamed. She spoke of how she felt normal for the first time in her life. (We cast out a demon called Necromancy that had entered her at birth as a result of a 70 generation Freemason curse.)

 After Beth’s stirring words affirming God’s grace in her life, I continued to deliver the morning sermon. Then I proceeded to pray for the audience. As is often the case, many began manifesting demons. I could have paused to minister to any one of them, but I felt in my spirit that there was someone special who needed help.  Beth and her friend Julia were seated together, and the Holy Spirit kept drawing my attention to Julia. “Lord, that can’t be,” I thought to myself, “Julia is a strong Christian woman, and she’s the one who has been helping Beth.” No matter what I did, the impression grew stronger so I approached Julia with my cross. When I did, this sweet, demure Christian woman began to laugh mockingly. We later learned that Julia was possessed by a spirit of Confusion going back 17 generations to a blood sacrifice of her ancestors.

 Moments later, Julia was at the front of the room as I and the Teenage Exorcists performed an exorcism on her. As unassuming as she was, the demons inside Julia screamed hideously. Barely five-feet tall and likely weighing less than 100 pounds Julia fought those holding her with strength that was supernatural. She was finally freed as Beth came to the front to give her friend a victory hug.  This miraculous, and much unexpected, deliverance illustrates the importance of accepting the ministry of exorcism in the church. No one would have expected Julia to have demons, including her. They were hiding, tormenting when they could and waiting for any opportunity to lethally strike.  In Julia’s case, the curse was not only broken on her but also on her two adolescent children. If you don’t yet have my book CURSE BREAKING, please take advantage of the special offer below.You never know what might be lurking in your spiritual DNA, waiting for the chance to attack when you least expect. As I’ve said many times before. Get your curses before your curses get you! 



TOP: Savannah & Tess Teenage Exorcists rejoice with Julia after her deliverance.
BOTTOM: Teenage Exorcists, Beth (left), and Julia.