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Ministry Update (3-21-16)


We have the opportunity to reach millions of Europeans for Christ and change the
spiritual course of history in that part of the world. I must decide in a few days.

Belgium is the political center of Europe. Brussels, nearly 2 million people, is its central city. The
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the military alliance that defends all of Europe and
much of the former Soviet Union, is centered there. With its rapidly growing Muslim
population, Belgium is where Islamic terrorists plotted the maniacal slaughter of 130 French
people. Many say Brussels is the most important city to more than 500 million people of the
28-member European Union, which is headquartered there.

By God’s grace, and with your help, we will go there with the message of deliverance. Mission
Belgium may be the most spiritually strategic opportunity in the history of our ministry.

We just filmed a documentary for the #1 show on the #1 network in all of Belgium.
This documentary, is due to air the end of April and will also be seen in the Netherlands, France,
Germany, and by hundreds of millions of people across Europe. IF WE CAN FULFILL THIS
MISSION, Belgium TV will promote our seminars and film a second documentary.

Only 3% of people in Belgium attend church. The only way to awaken this once-great center of

Christianity is to demonstrate Christ’s power through deliverance. This is a once-in-a-lifetime
chance to affect an entire continent for Christ.

We’re getting millions of dollars’ worth of free publicity. It’s all because we cast out demons in
the name of Jesus, something that part of the world has never seen.

Belgium TV wants a commitment NOW so they can announce that I am coming. Please,
respond as quickly as possible. We must book flights and secure seminar locations.
I’ve asked the Lord for someone to give $5,000; for 10 people to give $1,000 and many others
to give $500, $200 or at least $100. Please respond today as generously as possible.


Give where your gifts make a lasting difference to millions without Christ all across Europe!

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