Monday, March 23, 2015




She looks sweet and innocent enough. But don’t let her looks fool you. She lies. I’m not saying that all she says is a lie. But in the article in question she certainly distorts the truth. Who is she? Her name is Amanda Marcotte, a prominent liberal writer. She writes for a far-left web site, “Slate,” but Ms. Marcotte also writes for “The Daily Beast,” “Alternet,” and “USA Today.” What riled me was her article entitled, “WHY THE FRINGE FUNDAMENTALIST BELIEF IN DEMONIC POSSESSION HAS REAL-LIFE DANGERS.” Her intent was to attack the idea that “bad or sinful behavior is caused by demons literally possessing or oppressing people and therefore calls for an exorcism.” Imagine that? “Fringe belief?” I guess if you call the Pope and 1.6 billion Catholics “fringe.”

I’ll admit I took it personally when Ms. Marcotte wrote, “The biggest proponent of it [The idea of demonic possession and exorcism.] in evangelical circles is a man named Bob Larson, who can be seen, with his daughter and her “teen exorcist” friends . . . It [exorcism] works because a lot of people really want to believe that destructive behavior is supernatural and can be done away with by praying.” Well fancy that, the very idea that prayer can help to solve the problem of evil. Take that, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Paul, Augustine, and an assortment of saints.

For the record, this reporter never contacted me for a statement. Why call her something as strong as a liar? Because she misrepresents and deliberately distorts 2,000 years of Christian history and the sincere faith of millions of Bible-believing Christians. There are legitimate concerns raised in Marcotte’s article about other issues, including the horrific raping of a six-year-old girl, which may be valid reporting. But dragging me and the issue of demonic possession into this mess is lying to the public as a smear tactic. I invite Ms. Marcotte to sit down with me for a legitimate interview in an appropriate setting. I encourage her to attend one of my seminars and speak with those who have been delivered. On our web site, on our YouTube channel, and in this blog we’ve featured hundreds of real stories of those who’ve been set free from demons. To dismiss that evidence with a keyboard stroke is severe misrepresentation — A LIE!

An encouraging word:

If today is one of those days when darkness, both emotional and spiritual, seem to surround you, take heart from Psalm 18:28: The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness. He lightens the darkness to show you the way out of your struggle. He will restore you to where you were before being beset by trials. God does more than point you to the light. He doesn’t just give you a road map leading out of the darkness. The Lord himself becomes your light where there has been obscurity because HE IS THE WAY. HE IS THE LIGHT! And when the Lord does lead you out of your dismal circumstances, you will leave behind your fears and failures, exchanging them for brighter tomorrow.

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