Monday, January 30, 2017


I’ll admit it. I hate sitcoms. The laugh tracks drive me nuts. The stage sets are cheesy. The jokes are stale. Seinfeld? Forget it. Yada, yada, yada. OK, I occasionally do watch reruns of “Last Man Standing.” And I’ll also admit to liking “The Mary Tyler More Show,” just to watch Ted Knight’s character, Ted Baxter, the egomaniacal, not-too-bright anchorman, a buffoon for all times. This week, Mary Moore died, the passing of yet another icon of another era. It was in reading the articles that paid tribute to her talents that I came across several interesting facts that led me to title this blog, “Mary Tyler Moore Was Cursed.” On closer look, a lot was hiding behind her infectious smile; she was more than the girl next door, cute and perky.

Her personal life was filled with tragedy. She was raised by an alcoholic mother, and a neighbor sexually abused her as a child. (From my counseling experience, I’d guess that mom’s booze issues likely stemmed from her own molestation experiences. These curses run in the family.) Her first marriage ended in divorce. The second was described by her as a union with a father figure. That was followed by a 3rd marriage to man 18 years her junior. Moore herself became an alcoholic (more curse clues) and had to enter the Betty Ford Clinic. She suffered diabetes from early in life. Her only son died at 24 of a self-inflicted gunshot. Her 21-year-old sister died from a drug overdose. When her brother was terminally ill, she assisted him with suicide.

When people ask me how they can determine if there is a curse in their life, my answer is easy. Add up all the wretchedness in your life, and the suffering in your extended family. Ask yourself, “Could any one individual have to endure so much misery just because ‘that’s the way life is?'” (My book CURSE BREAKING has much detailed informant about how curses operate and how to cancel them. To order CLICK HERE.) Mary Tyler Moore’s misery is clearly outside the realm of any “reasonable” personal suffering. Sadly, she was probably cursed. And apparently so was her entire family. We probably don’t know the full extent of even more torment she may have suffered. I’m sorry that she apparently didn’t know anyone who could have led her in prayers to remove these curses. Mary is dead, and nothing more will help her. But let her life be a lesson to you to seek the proper kind of spiritual help to break your family curses.


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An encouraging word: TELL THE TRUTH IN CHRIST.
In Romans 9:1 the apostle Paul is about to make an important point to the Jews of his day about their rejection of Christ. He begins by saying, “I tell the truth in Christ.” That’s an interesting way to begin an argument. Most of us wouldn’t have the hubris to start any statement that way. It’s akin to swearing on a Bible; however, the rest of what Paul says bears out his need to introduce his remarks in this fashion. What if you and I were to begin our thoughts and actions with the preface, “I tell the truth in Christ.” We’d probably change a lot of our words and most of our actions that follow.

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