Monday, April 20, 2015




Hillary can tolerate an adulterous husband, lose incriminating legal files (Remember Whitewater?), and illegally delete State Department emails, but she’s the media darling and the heralded champion of the middle class. New Republican candidate for President, Senator Marco Rubio has none of that baggage but has already been declared unfit for public office. His sin? He has somewhat regularly attended a church that actually believes in demonic possession and has been known to practice deliverance. Oh, the horror of it all to American’s liberal, progressive mindset. Imagine, someone running for our Nation’s highest office who actually believes in the devil and demons? To clarify my headline, of course, I’m not saying that Senator Rubio has demons, but that there are likely demons assigned to hinder him, aided and abetted by the liberal news media.

Rubio is officially Catholic but admits to also attending a congregation known as Christ Fellowship in the Miami area. Rick Blackwood, pastor of the Fellowship, has stated, “Satan’s agenda is to seduce people away from God. One of the ways that Satan accomplishes that is through what the Bile calls demonic possession. Satan’s angels can seize control of an individual and possess an individual physically, spiritually and even mentally.” Amen to that. Nothing strange. Just a belief taught by Christ and the Apostles and held by most of Christendom for 2,000 years. But because it doesn’t fit the humanistic motif of our age, it’s somehow outrageous. Screamed the headline of the Huffington Post, Marco Rubio’s Miami Church: Exorcism, Creationism, Anti-Gay Policies. Leaving aside the evolution and LGBT issues, what’s so wrong about believing in a real devil and real demons? Hollywood exploits it. The Pope emphasizes it to one billion plus Catholics. Even Muslims believe in Satan.

But here’s my main concern. What will the Christian community do? I’m not endorsing Rubio or any politician. I have no idea who I’ll vote for in the next Presidential election. (Okay, definitely not Hillary at this point.) The majority of pastors across America should be running to the defense of Rubio and Pastor Blackwood. But you and I both know that they won’t. It’s not evangelically P.C. But if the American church won’t defend Rubio now, when will they ever acknowledge the devil, demons, and demonic possession? I can assure you that this ministry will never be silenced on this matter. You can count on that, and know that you prayers and support are a good spiritual investment in an uncompromising stand against the devil and evil.


An encouraging word:

Where is all evil? Where are your trials and tribulations? Where are the enemies of your soul? If you are a Christian, you are trampling on them with every step you take. Ephesians 1: 22 says, “God placed all things under His feet.” That is an amazing promise. If Christ is in you as a believing Christian, then spiritually speaking, all that is oppositional to your faith is under your feet. You are above your struggles, not below them. You can stomp on the attacks of Satan because the heel of Jesus has crushed the serpent’s head. Wherever you step today, do so victoriously putting everything under the feet of Jesus. 

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