Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I’m writing this blog sitting in a Ukraine airport. Everything seems normal, but right now I’m in Western Ukraine. The war (that’s what it is, but American and European politicians won’t admit it) is hundreds of miles away. While here, I have been as close as 100 miles or so to what they call the “war zone.” As usual the media isn’t telling the truth about what’s going on, and Christians in American are clueless as to the effect this has on our brothers and sisters in Christ. Some thoughts:

  • Last night I met with a pastor who has to remain nameless. There is a price on his head, put there by the Russian backed rebels in the Donetsk region where people are dying every day. A pastor friend of his was trying to escape the war and a sniper shot him in the leg while he was driving. The pastor was taken to a hospital but knew he shouldn’t stay there. The rebels make the rounds of hospitals and abduct people for ransom. My pastor friend sneaked into the hospital and secretly got the wounded pastor out by bribing the hospital staff.
  • Christians are being deliberately targeted. The rebels believe that the Russian Orthodox Church should be the only religion in their illegally occupied region of Ukraine. The group that I work with has had to shut down nearly 40 thriving churches. Fifteen thousand U. S. dollars: that is the current going price to be paid for killing a Protestant pastor, especially Pentecostal or Baptist.
  • In spite of such persecution, the New Generation churches are setting up tents as close as possible to the border of the area where fighting is taking place. There are no church building left in that area where it is safe to preach. The dangers of constant bombs and missiles are drawing people to Christ. I met with the pastor who is organizing these outside, tent meetings and prayed for him.

I’ll say more in future blogs. Just know that the possibility of World War III starting in that part of the world is still very real. Pray for Christians who are risking so much. Over and over they expressed to me how much they appreciate my teaching them spiritual warfare so they can fight back against the darkness that looms over their land!


An encouraging word:  A THOUSAND SHALL FALL

“A thousand may fall at your side . . . but it will not come near you.” That promise of Psalm 91:7 is mostly metaphorical to Americans. But recently a young soldier fighting in the Ukrainian war asked me to pray for him, just as he was being deployed to the front. He was leaving behind a wife and three children. I quoted that verse as I looked into his brave eyes. It was very literal to him. We who live in peace should be grateful that we do not have to apply that scripture in fact. But spiritually, it happens every day because of temptation and sin. When the enemy forces of Hell attack you, make sure you are not one of those who falls.

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