Thursday, August 14, 2015
Back on July 2 of this year I wrote a blog on how Catholics in Mexico were fed up with the violence of drug cartels and corruption in society. In response, they confronted Satan at the cathedral of San Luis Potosi. Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez, the archbishop emeritus of Guadalajara, performed an “Exorcismo Magno,” a huge exorcism on the whole country of Mexico. (To read that blog “Exorcise America” CLICK HERE.) Regardless of what you, the reader, may think about Catholic exorcism or the efficacy of such a ritual, consider for a moment the general idea of Christian leaders declaring war on the devil in a very public way. I don’t know if Mexico is any better off for the efforts of Cardinal Iniguez, but his actions beg the question of why Protestant, evangelical leaders in our country are so mealy-mouthed about confronting the devil with spiritual warfare?
Here are my thoughts on this whole idea:
  1. Would some kind of unified, congregational exorcism/deliverance prayer by Christian pastors really do any good? Who knows? It hasn’t been tried. What could it hurt?
  2. Wouldn’t this be an opening for the media to make fun of Believers? As if they don’t do that on a regular basis every day on TV and in movies. What are evangelical pastors REALLY afraid of?
  3. Suppose it gets a lot of press, even negative reports, wouldn’t that a least make people more aware that there are actually Christians who believe in a real devil and are willing to confront that evil? Because so many pastors seldom preach about the devil and hell, the implied consensus is that the church no longer takes such things seriously.
  4. Don’t set the bar so high it’s unattainable. Don’t claim that if we exorcise America that revival will follow immediately or that there will be mass-scale conversions of those in the porn industry or corrupt politicians. Simply make the goal a first step in beginning the process of pushing back against Satan on a national scale.
  5. Isn’t it time to declare war on all the occultism and superstition in our culture? A national exorcism isn’t going to save the soul of every American or make psychics shut down overnight. But we can begin to declare territorial authority over the evil that results in the shootings, racial injustices, rampant societal sexualizing, and emboldened atheism.
Have we forgotten that we are in a war for the soul of our society? Who is on the Lord’s side and willing to say so in a very public way by rebuking and binding ALL the forces of evil that want to destroy our cherished religious freedoms?
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 An encouraging word:  THE HAND OF THE LORD

The Prophet Samuel’s words to Israel are a warning to all today: “If you do not obey the Lord, and if you rebel against his commands, his hand will be against you” (1Samuel 1:12). These are stern words that we all need to take personally. Such a dire pronouncement has individual importance. Which of the Lord’s commandments are you avoiding or rebelling against? It may not be obvious, but look closer at issues of failing to forgive, harboring bitterness, or secretly wanting revenge. The Lord wants to be on your side to bless you. Don’t let your thoughts and actions turn His hand against you.  

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