Monday, October 31, 2016


How can anyone clearly disambiguate this election, that is, make clear the real choice before us? Is it possible to remove all uncertainty about which is the correct moral choice between Clinton and Trump? Should we simply choose the lesser of two evils? And what does that mean? In politics, the idea of a “lesser evil” has meant supporting, at times, corrupt regimes overseas, if that government presents a better option than what might replace it. Case in point: at the end of the Second World War, some dictatorships were left in place because they shared American ideological and financial goals. The Allies, for example, thought that Stalin was the lesser of two evils compared to Hitler. But Fascism’s holocaust turned out to be less oppressive than the Soviet murder of millions and the enslavement of 15 countries under the heel of Russian totalitarianism. Yet who is to argue for which was the worst; being a prisoner of Lenin’s Gulag or a Jewish victim of Hitler’s gas ovens.

It gets murky, doesn’t it? Now consider our upcoming election. Most folks I talk to are disgusted with both candidates. They also think that a vote for a third-party candidate is actually a vote for Clinton or Trump, both of whom have disapproval ratings of almost 60%. So, does voting for one wrong make a right? The great theologian Thomas Aquinas wrestled with this kind of thinking in his “Summa Theoligica” (which I’m currently reading just for “fun”), giving the example of taking a human life in self-defense. His conclusion: the good outweighs the bad when the situation in question is so bad that exercising an otherwise unacceptable choice causes the least amount of harm. In other words, choose what you believe is the lesser of two evils. If you have a gun, shoot the homicidal intruder before he kills you and your family; but don’t do evil that good may abound. (1 Peter 3:9-don’t render evil for evil.)

Who to vote for? A man of distasteful, locker-room boasts or a woman of expedient, and possibility illegal, ethics? Without telling you who to vote for, I advise when you enter the voting booth, think about your constitutional freedoms, cherish your right for your faith to be free from government intrusion, and remember the unborn.

An encouraging word: STOP COMPLAINING
“How long shall I bear with this evil congregation who complain against me?” The Lord spoke this word in Numbers 14:27, against the “murmuring” children of Israel, who were never satisfied. This scripture shows how much the Lord hates spiritual griping and gossiping. The result of always finding fault with God, and Moses, was the judgment of death and wandering 40 additional years in the wilderness. Let this be a lesson to each of us to avoid complaining too much about the ways of the Lord and submit to His will for our lives. Today, rejoice in what the Lord has done for you instead of complaining about what you think He should have done.

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