Thursday, Oct 16, 2014

I saw the movie “Left Behind” last weekend. You must see this movie. Tim LaHaye, the Christian leader and author behind the book on which the movie was based, is a long-time personal friend. For years we skied together every winter. I remember many years ago he told me about an idea he had. He wanted to write a series of novels about The Rapture. At the time, Tim was already a best-selling author, but he’d never written fiction. My novel DEAD AIR (to order CLICK HERE) was a best-seller. He wanted my thoughts about his trying out fiction. I encouraged him, and all these years later I am sitting a theater deeply moved by this movie. As I watched on-screen the panic ensuing The Rapture my eyes grew moist with gratefulness that our whole family knows the Lord. When that hour comes, we’ll all be together with Jesus. I pray your family will too.

Boy are the atheists mad. Last night I came across a blog of an unbeliever, who was raised in a Christian home and once professed Christ, trashing the film in language I wouldn’t use to condemn a porn flick. Vicious. In an article called, “Christian right’s vile PR sham” he vilified the movie as the effort of “fundamentalists” to “corral” American into an “ever-shrinking intellectual ghetto.” He continued: “Christianity expressed in culture and in religious movies has nothing to do with faith, decency, and alleviating suffering. It’s a bizarre American offshoot best expressed by a second-amendment Jesus and cutting food stamps for hungry children.” It gets worse. Regarding “Left Behind” the writer declares of anyone who believes in the Rapture, “This emphasis on mass-punishment of non-Christians makes [the movie] nothing more than a planetary-sized snuff film.”

No doubt here about who is going to be left behind.

An encouraging word:  ALL THINGS WORK FOR GOOD

As many of our friends know, I’ve been ill with the flu the past few days. But my being sick turned into a blessing in some very personal ways. Stuck in a hotel room, lying in bed, and eating only crackers and broth (Thank the Lord for Gatorade electrolytes.) for three days certainly gives time for contemplation. This raises a question? Can God sometimes allow sickness and suffering for a greater good? Some say, “No,” God wouldn’t deliberately make us ill. I agree, but do we or don’t we agree with Romans 8:28 that “all things” truly work together for good? Even what devil means for evil? All I know is that in my weakness He was made strong. Let Him do that for you today.

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