Monday, October 9, 2017
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Stephen Paddock, America’s worst mass murderer.

Stephen Paddock was the man who pulled the trigger murdering 59 people and injuring more than 500 in Las Vegas. The Vegas sin-saturated slogan, “What goes on here, stays here,” seemed suddenly cynical. Yes, the city of Las Vegas consists of more than The Strip of gambling casinos, but take away the sin of this city, the slot machines, the prostitutes, the booze, and there’s not much left. If there ever was a city saturated with evil, a modern Sodom, this is it. Should we have been surprised that the worst mass murder in U.S. history would have happened here?

The demons of Vegas only needed one demon possessed-man to make Sunday, October 1, a day of infamy. Paddock has been called mad and evil, but no one I’ve heard has been bold enough to state the obvious. A crime of this magnitude could not have been motivated by mere derangement. We know now it was well-planned and methodical. The triggered was pulled by a man who had no obvious signs of mental illness. The spiritual facts are these:

  • The casinos, where Paddock gambled enormous sums, plied him with prostitutes. How many one-flesh, soul tie demons did he pick up from such dalliances?
  • The Filipino girlfriend, Marilou Danley, whom he lived with had a brother back in the Philippines who was a “medicine man,” a witchdoctor “healer.” How many generational demons did Danley pass on to Paddock, contributing to his pool of internal evil?
  • Danley reported that Paddock would scream in torment during the night. What sort of demonic attacks was he experiencing, that he tried to assuage with his gambling obsessions?
More details substantiating Paddock’s proclivity to attract evil spirits will doubtless be forthcoming, but they will go unrecognized by the press and little noted by Christian leaders. Most Christians may have a vague sense that such an act of evil is beyond the pall of any personality disorder, but they pull back at using the word “demonic” to describe the massacre at the route 91 Harvest Festival. Not every murderer has demons, but most do. Not every compulsive gambler is possessed by evil spirits, but most are. Not everyone who has illicit sex with a prostitute gets a demon, but few escape that consequence. Not every individual with a family member practicing divination automatically inherits a spirit of witchcraft, but the majority will. Based on 40 years of experience and 40,000 documented exorcism, I can state without hesitation that Stephen Paddock was demon possessed. And I can also attest that if more Christian leaders would practice deliverance and spiritual warfare, America might be able to avoid a copycat crime.

An encouraging word: INNER HEALING
There are many ways to approach inner healing. Each ministry engaged in this spiritual realm does it a little differently. But there are two factors that shouldn’t be excluded: 1) identifying dissociative, multiple personalities, 2) confronting demons, and 3) emotional healing work (Isaiah 61:1 – “Bind up the brokenhearted”). They are like sides of a triangle, and all three are sometimes needed to bring complete deliverance. If you feel tormented or bound, reach out to our ministry. We’ll minister inner healing to you and, when necessary, deal with the demons that have caused your torment. Don’t despair. Inner healing can be the answer you need for recovering the life you’ve lost.


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