Monday, October 19, 2015

Lamar Odom has demons. I’m glad that it appears he survived a close brush with death in a Nevada whorehouse, but his problems aren’t over. Not only has he forever tarnished his already shaky image, terrified those who love him, and shamed his reputation as a former NBA star, he has also dodged a bullet that nearly took his life. Strong words? Look at the facts of this unseemly saga that played out in the news all last week. Odom was found on Tuesday, passed out and unconscious, in a Nevada brothel called, and this is a misnomer if there ever was one, “The Love Ranch.” In case you haven’t gotten the facts yet, in addition to a lot of sex over the course of four days, Odem consumed at least 10 sexual-performance pills, untold quantities of cocaine, plus plenty of hard liquor. Odom spent more than $75,000 on the sex binge. Comatose and on life support for several days, he eventually revived over the weekend.
Finding the root cause of this sex and suicide mission is easy. His mother died of cancer when he was 12 and he was left with his irresponsible dad, a heroin addict. He also suffered the tragic death of a seven-month old, illegitimate son and his best friend who died from infected drug needles. He once said, “Death always seems to be around me.” He’s right. From where I see things, there was obviously a death curse on his life. But who was going to help him? Certainly not the Kardashian family he married into. Certainly not any pastor of a major pulpit in America. So, he spiraled downward until his demons made an eternal bid for his soul. Of course he had demons. His dad opened the door, and more were added at that hellhole of prostitution in Nevada. If he fully recovers and regains his senses, I have some advice. Don’t listen to Kanye and Kim, they can’t help you. Momma Kris has no spiritual wisdom to offer. Khloe may still love you, but she can’t cast out your demons. If you get out of that hospital, you’ll likely be in trouble again before too long until you get delivered. Lamar, only Jesus can keep you away from ill-repute and out of hell.
An encouraging word:THREE DAY DIFFERENCE
“He is risen!” Those resounding words of Mark 16:6. The words of the angel to the two Marys seeking to anoint the body of Jesus are the foundation of our faith as Christians. But think of this. Three days earlier, it was all gloom and doom. Jesus had been crucified, and He was dead. What a difference three days made. With God, that’s all it takes. You may be facing something that seems unsurmountable. Your challenges may feel like they’ll take years and years to resolve. But God is the God of the three-day-difference. Before you give up on your dreams, turn your situation over the Lord and give Him a little time to come through. May I suggest that you wait at least three days?

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