Monday, Feb 9, 2015





Want to get that inheritance early?  Perhaps you can convince grandma it’s really time for her to go now rather than await the Grim Reaper. If you’re from America’s most populous state, California, you may not have to check grandma out of the nursing home and send her to Oregon, Washington, Vermont, or New Mexico where euthanasia is legal. The push is on to legalize so-called “mercy killing” in the Golden State. Since the much-publicized self-murder of Brittany Maynard last year, California legislative bill S.B.-128 has been introduced to keep the killing at home and not have to send death-bound residents north to Oregon. Few lawmakers seem to be interested in carefully considering whose life will be ended and how. Self-death is one of those “progressive” policies based on individual rights, and the potential for misuse doesn’t seem to matter. Someone should be asking, as they should have in other states legalizing euthanasia, why anyone would want to practice state-sanctioned suicide. Is it because of pain and suffering or the fear of being a burden to younger family members? Is it a sense of uselessness and depression from an incapacitating disease? It should be obvious that atheists and radical libertarians might want to confer the “right” of so-called “death with dignity” out of a political agenda without regard for any moral context for such a decision. But has Mr. Average Citizen really thought this matter through? More important, where will Christians stand on the issue?

Apart from all the above, I am concerned about civil approbation for killing oneself that gives a spiritually legal right to demons of Death. Demonic legal rights can come from ancestors, one’s own intemperate actions, and duly sanctioned government. In other words, a law in California approving of self-suicide will unleash a torrent of demonic forces tempting and tormenting possible victims, because these evil spirits have been given permission to do so by the state legislators. Just as demons of death are encouraged by abortion at the beginning of life, these evil fallen angels may also be given carte blanche to emotionally and physically attack vulnerable individuals because of misguided politics.



An encouraging word: CALL UPON THE LORD


In Psalm 17:6 David declares, “I have called upon You, for you will hear me, O God.” It’s easy to gloss over those words and miss an important point. The key here is that David called, he did something. He exercised his faith to reach out to God. He didn’t see prayer as useless or pointless. He acted upon his faith that God was there and He would answer. Some folks complain about what God doesn’t do for them. They sit back passively and wonder why things don’t go better, that somehow God should take the initiative to intervene in their lives without being invited. But the eternal plan of prayer is for you and me to call upon the Lord. If you haven’t had an answer to prayer, it may be that you haven’t asked. Call upon Him today and see what happens.


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