Monday, April 6, 2015




I’m disgusted, angered, and profoundly disturbed by the events of this past week. It was Easter. And timed perfectly for maximum effect, in Kenya, Islamic militants from Somali’s al-Shabaab branch of terrorism murdered 150 students of Garissa University in cold blood. They were deliberately selected apart from other students because they were Christians. All this approaching Good Friday. Killers stalked the campus looking for more victims. Bullets were sprayed indiscriminately. Carnage spread everywhere, except among Muslims. All this to establish an Islamic state. And our President gloats over a dangerous deal with Iran and won’t utter the word “Islamic.” Meanwhile, the news media was still obsessed, a week later, with the story of the Germanwings suicidal pilot. Nearly as many Christians died in Kenya as in those French Alps, but received not 1% of the news coverage, comparatively. To make matters worse, a major report surfaced from the credible Pew Research Center that in less than 40 years Muslims will outnumber Christians on a global scale. The chart below says it all (blue is Christian, red is Muslim).

If this isn’t a wake-up call, what is? I’m not suggesting a war against Islam, but a war for Christianity against our real Enemy, the devil. (He’s the Enemy of Muslims too, and all humanity.) North American churches must stop their market-driven mission and return to biblical basics. They also need to resurrect the almost archaic ideas of hell, demons, judgment, morality, and restore the role of faith in the political, social, and cultural arenas. My old friend Barry McGuire sang about the Eve of Destruction in 1965. I haven’t seen you for a while, Barry, but can you please bring that song back one more time? American really needs to hear it now!


An encouraging word:

If it feels like trials and troubles are about to overtake you, note the promise of Psalm 18:33: He makes my feet like the feet of a deer. David was writing about escaping his enemies. He described the abilities that God gave him to allude his captors as being like the swift feet of a deer. Deer are fast, sure-footed, and maneuver almost anywhere without slipping. The can climb, dart quickly, and get away from most any predator. When you trust the Lord, that’s the way out of trouble that the Lord provides. No matter how well-laid the plans of your opposition may be, with the Lord on your side you can run away from the schemes of Satan like a fast-running deer.


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