Friday, January 24th, 2014   


Katy Perry singing Christian music at 16.

Katy today. We can’t show you the lower portion of this cover photo – it’s too revealing.

I know what you’re thinking. How could I be so dogmatic to say Katy Perry has demons? Remember who I am, what I do, and the dozens of cases of demon-possession I deal with every week. I understand clearly how people get demons and what happens when they do. Katy Perry has a cover story coming out next week in GQ Magazine. The pop star says that as a young teen she prayed to God for big boobs and got them. She puts them on regular display in her concerts, photo shoots, and especially in GQ. She embraces astrology, believes in “cosmic energy,” and emphatically declares she is not a Christian. “So what,” you say, “she’s just like lots of entertainers today.” Granted. But Perry came from a Pentecostal Christian family and got her start writing and singing Christian music. From ages nine to sixteen, as Katheryn Hudson, she sang songs like “Trust in Me” and “Search Me.” There is footage on the internet of her singing for Jesus at 16 and saying to other youth, “Don’t get jaded, remember there is a God.  God will meet you where you’re at.” In “Faith Won’t Fail” she sang, “You could throw me in the fire and I won’t be burned, for my faith is Your desire and Your love endures, You could throw me in the prison cell, shackle me up against the rail, but time and time again my faith won’t fail. He’ll prevail in the midst of all my sin and temptations.”

She now says, “I wanted to be the Amy Grant of Christian music and it didn’t work out so I sold my soul to the devil.” Even if this comment was in jest, it’s a very dangerous statement to make. She likely meant what she said at sixteen but indeed did make a deal with the devil of some sort. Does that mean she has demons? Why wouldn’t she. To be who she is now compared to who she was then requires demonic delusion and gives legal right for Satan to control her life. If you read this, Katy, I believe that child of “faith won’t fail” still lives inside you somewhere and an exorcism could bring her back. You may have sold out to Satan, but God isn’t finished with you yet.

An encouraging word:  GOD IS MERCIFUL

My blog today is about Katy Perry and her rejection of the Christian faith that filled the first 16+ years of her life. Today, she’s an erotic pop star whose life has spiritually crashed and burned. But for her, and whoever else once served the Lord and now serves Satan, I have three words: God is merciful. He still loves you and will always be there for you to turn to Him (2 Chronicles 16:34). Don’t wait until sin has taken such a toll that you find yourself seemingly incapable of turning to Him.

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