Thursday, September 10, 2015
When I first heard about it I thought it was a sick joke. No joke. The Hindu demon goddess Kali, a.k.a. Jezebel (a hideous evil spirit I’ve battled many times) was actually projected, August 1, on to the Empire State Building. The 3-D image was put there by visual artist Android Jones as some kind of environmental protest about man’s destruction of nature. The idea was that endangered species would be saved by this act of spiritual transformation. This satanic image of a demon god was intended to “make the point that Mother Nature now more than ever needs a fierce avatar to fight the angers of pollution and extinction.” Seriously?


Here’s what my book JEZEBEL: Defeating Your #1 Spiritual Enemy has to say about Kali: In one hand she holds a sword, and the other holds the head of her decapitated lover. Around her neck is a necklace of human skulls of her victims. She stands with one foot triumphantly placed on the back of the corpse of her murdered paramour. She is famous for seducing lovers and then, at the moment of orgasms, taking their lives. (To read more about Kali and Jezebel, get my book JEZEBEL by CLICKING HERE.) My book says more, but you get the idea.


In 19th century India, the Thugee cult of murderous assassins killed countless people in India as an act of blood sacrifice to Kali. Even today in remote sections of India, the Kali cult practices ritual human sacrifice. And the Big Apple chose this as an ecological icon? I’ve dealt with Kali countless times and can attest that in the kingdom of darkness this is one of the most powerful and bloodthirsty demons. Imagine if Christians would have projected a cross instead. The ACLU would still be filing lawsuits against the sponsors. If anyone had doubts about demons being in control of the whole Save-the-Planet-Global-Warming agenda, all skepticism is now erased. What happened in New York wouldn’t happen even in New Delhi or Mumbai. We truly are a nation in danger of judgment. Lord Jesus come quickly!

An encouraging word:  SANCTIFICATION IS GOD’S WILL
“This is the will of God, your sanctification” (1 Thessalonians 4:3). Those are strong words from the Apostle Paul. Sanctification seems like such an ancient word. It’s not even on the radar of most churches today. Easton’s Bible Dictionary calls it “more than a mere moral reformation of character: it is the work of the Holy Spirt bringing the whole nature under the influences of new gracious principles.” The dictionary says it is to “make holy, set apart as sacred.” Most important, IT IS GOD’S WILL. Growing in grace and constantly surrendering more of one’s life to the Lord daily isn’t an option, it is a command. Sanctification is to make holy, to separate from the world, to set apart unto the Lord. That is a tall order, the “venti” of spiritual aspirations. 

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