Tuesday, November 5th 2013 

Piece of lead upon which ancient curse was inscribed.

On October 3, 2013 I reported on the discovery of an ancient curse found in Roman ruins  (CLICK HERE to read blog). Now, yet another archaeological find has revealed a similar malediction also inscribed on a lead tablet. The October blog was about a curse directed toward a veterinarian for some unspecified malady. The latest find comes from a dig in Jerusalem, unearthed in a collapsed mansion dating to around 1,700 years ago. In this case gods such as Hermes, Hecate and Abrasax are invoked, using Greek and some Hebrew words for extra effect.  The sender of this imprecation wanted to “nail down” the tongue and eyes of one named Lennys. The curse called on the powers of four religions, including Judaism, Greek mythology, Babylonian worship, and even the heretical Gnostic sect of Christianity. Scientists believe that in performing the curse the sender of the evil would likely have used an actual hammer and nails in the lead piece to enforce the curse’s consequences.  Archaeologists excavating the mansion in which the curse was found believe that the tablet of intentional evil was deliberately placed in a second floor room where the recipient of the curse might live or frequent.

Not much has changed. Those who schedule Personal Encounters with me often tell of torment from unspecified sources. Upon further investigation, and sometimes interrogation of evil spirits, we learn of deliberate curses put on their ancestors. Among recent cases I have witnessed are these; a man sprinkling the bed of his brother with small quantities of human blood to cause disease; an ancestor 20 generations ago performing a human sacrifice out of greed, resulting in the corruption of wealth; an ex-spouse going to a voodoo witchdoctor in New Orleans to curse his ex-wife with torment so that no other man would ever want her; a mother-in-law asking a psychic for help with a curse to kill her son’s new wife. These are real cases that we “unearthed” in our spiritual “digging.” If these individuals had not come to me, or someone adept in doing deliverance, their misery would have continued. But each of these individuals was set free to live a new life, free from the curse. I’m not sure the same could be said for Lennys whose effigy was nailed in lead.

An encouraging word: REJOICE!
Yesterday was one of those days when I didn’t feel much like praising the Lord; probably a combination of fatigue and stress.  Then I remembered the words of Phil 4:4 – Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! No way, my emotions said. Then I remember the several times that I’ve visited Paul’s prison in Rome, just a hole in the ground leading to small room not much bigger than most bathrooms today. It was solid stone on every side. Cold. Damp. Dark. Beyond miserable. If Paul could take pen in hand and, in those circumstances, tell the Philippians to always rejoice, perhaps I should praise the Lord for just this one day. The results were amazing. Try it.

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