Monday, August 4, 2014

In recent weeks the world has been transfixed on warfare in Ukraine and Gaza. The latter, where the Palestinian Hamas faction has launched destructive missiles toward Israel, has suffered the full force of Jewish retaliation. The result is that nearly 2,000 citizens of Gaza have died and world public opinion has tilted against Israel.  Jewish leaders argue that Hamas deliberately stationed soldiers and arms near schools and hospitals, not caring about their own people, to create collateral damage  and thus outrage public opinion. The Israelis say they have had no choice but to respond to the rocket attacks on innocent civilians. They are determined to wipe out the munitions arsenals of Hamas, as well as the tunnels used to smuggle arms and terrorists. To Israel, Hamas is, plain and simple, a dangerous organization that can’t be allowed to exist with impunity, a mere rocket lob away from raining death down on the people of the Holy Land.

In an article last week in The Atlantic magazine, Amos Oz, a liberal, peace-movement Israeli, spoke out. In the past he has opposed Jewish settlements of disputed territory and lobbied for compromise with the Palestinians. No more. He put it succinctly in terms that Americans should understand: What would you do if your neighbor across the street sits down on the balcony, puts his little boy on his lap and starts shooting machine gun fire into your nursery? What would you do if your neighbor across the street digs a tunnel from his nursery to your nursery in order to blow up your home and kidnap your family?

That’s sobering. And it clearly explains the dilemma that the devil has created through the ancient curses which have fallen on too many of the angry descendants of Ishmael.


An encouraging word:  GOD ABHORS DECEIT

“Deceitful men the Lord abhors.” That is very strong language in Psalm 5:6. To abhor is to hate. God hates deceit. To deceive is to distort, mislead or fraudulently represent anything. It is duplicity by trickery. I’m not referring to pulling a rabbit from a hat by sleight of hand. That kind of fakery is obvious and meant to entertain. But deceit in finances, morality, and spirituality incurs the wrath of God. Think about what you say and how you treat others. Beware if you are speaking or behaving deceitfully. You don’t want to be acting in a way that God abhors. 

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