Monday, January 22, 2018
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Let me start by saying I believe in the American way of freedom of religion. I also recognize that there are many decent Muslims who love this country and respect Christians. But there are also many Muslims who want to take over the world and re-establish a caliphate, a worldwide rule of Islamic law, under Sharia law. That could include, as it does in countries currently ruled by Sharia law, capital punishment for disrespecting the Koran or Muhammad, death for converting to Christianity, one husband having up to four wives, marrying girls as young as nine, allowing wife-beating, males unilaterally divorcing their wives, a divorced wife has no custody of children over age six, adultery and homosexuality punishable by death. The list goes on, but this isn’t a pleasant starting point. Also, Sharia law is allowed in many parts of Europe, including sections of Greece, the Netherlands (through so-called “arbitration councils”), and Belgium (Antwerp).

What’s the concern? According to a just-released report by The Pew Research Center, within two decades Islam will replace Judaism as the second most followed religion in America. That will turn us from a Judeo-Christian nation into an Islamic-Christian nation. Why is this happening? Immigration. Three-fourths of Muslim in the U. S. are immigrants or children of immigrants. And they have a higher fertility rate. This does provide an excellent opportunity for evangelism, but the downside is obvious. Beyond increased terrorism fears, there is likely to be an accelerated loss of basic Christian belief as a bedrock of our civilization. And if we follow Europe, a gradual incursion of Sharia Law.

Many immigrant Muslims come from countries where Islam is aligned with various forms of shamanism and black magic. Think Afghanistan and Iraq. I know, I have ministered to people from these countries who were demonized by the aberrant, occult Islam in such lands. A combination of occult Islam, Sharia law, and latent jihadism is a combustible mixture that could spell the end of America as we know it.

I’m not suggesting we keep people out just because they are Muslim, when many are only cultural, non-observant Muslims. But America does need to decide how far religious pluralism is to be taken. Our system of law and justice is based on English Common Law, which was based on the Bible. Don’t dismiss the possibility that future courts in America will be pressured to accept Sharia concepts, gradually at first but then in a landslide. Whether or not you accept gay marriage, it was unthinkable two decades ago. Will Sharia law follow that same trajectory? Who is to say that it won’t?

An encouraging word: LOVE RIGHTEOUSNESS
People love a lot of things today, their smartphones, their cars, their computing devices, their X-Boxes, whatever. But it could seldom be said that they love righteousness. But that’s exactly what the Word says God loves: For the LORD is righteous, He loves righteousness (Psalm 11:7 NKJV). Christians should want what God wants and love what He loves. False cults are filled with the love of self, sex, wealth, power, whatever fills the narcissistic void of a sinful heart. But true religion is the love of what the heart of God pursues, and this Psalm clearly instructs us to love what which is righteous.


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