Monday, February 6, 2017

Trump advisor, Steve Bannon. Is he the enemy, or is Islam?}

An article this week in USA TODAY was an unveiled attack on Steven Bannon, formerly of the conservative “Breitbart News.” Bannon now serves as an Assistant to the President and part of the National Security Council. Because he’s a Trump advisor, USA TODAY attacked him in an article entitled, “Bannon takes a dark view of Islam.” I’m not writing to defend Bannon, but to focus on several things he’s said about Islam that horrify the liberal, and often anti-Christian, sentiments of USA TODAY. Here are a couple of quotes:
  • “Islam is the most radical religion in the world and the United States is engaged in a struggle for civilization . . .”
  • “Christianity is dying in Europe and Islam is on the rise.”
  • “I think that most people in the Middle East, at least 50%, believe in being sharia-compliant [civil law must obey the Koran; beheadings, polygamy, death to Jews].”
  • “If you want to impose sharia law, the United States is the wrong place for you.”
  • “You have expansionist Islam . . . motivated . . .arrogant . . . on the march.”

So, what’s the problem here? What did Bannon say that isn’t true? As I said, this isn’t a pro-Bannon blog. He is a bit of a flame thrower with some very stark views; but at least these observations are spot-on. Of course, most Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding people. They are no more dangerous than your average next-door atheist, maybe less so. But the bedrock religion of Islam is determined to enslave Christians and eliminate Jews. They say so. History says so. My book, LARSON’S BOOK OF WORLD RELIGIONS says so. (To order CLICK HERE.) As I say on page 266 of my book, “Islam is an intolerant faith that has impeded progress and repressed women. The Muslim tends to see the world in black and white. There are only two classes of people, those who submit and those who resist. The later are fair game for whatever measures necessary to bring them under the authority of Islam . . .jihad advocates military ventures in God’s name.”

Yes, Muslim culture introduced algebra, sugar, paper, apricots and rice to the west. For nearly a thousand years their skills in architecture were unmatched. But at Islam’s core, Jews are damned by Allah and Christians are blasphemers. Not much room for compromise there. So before USA TODAY bans Bannon, the newspaper should take a closer look at Islam and see the radical branch for what it is – the enemy.

An encouraging word: BE BLESSED.
To be “blessed” means to be “happy.” So when we read in Psalm 32:1, “Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven,” it means that every Christian should be happy; in fact, overjoyed. Remember a few years ago the Pharrell Williams song “Happy?” Over and over the lyrics said, “Because I’m happy.” Not once did the song give a concrete reason for being happy. It certainly didn’t say anything about transgressions being forgiven. Not that it was a bad song, just inadequate. Let me give you biblical reasons for being happy. The condemnation of your sin is gone. The righteousness of Christ has been imputed to you. And your shame and sin have been removed. Today be blessed, and be happy in Jesus.