Monday, March 3, 2015




ISIS, IS, ISIL (Islamic State in Levant [eastern shores of the Mediterranean]) – take your pick of acronyms. Most everyone knows we’re talking about the radicalized Muslims who are terrorizing the Middle East, and part of Europe. We’ve all seen, or heard about, their mass genocide, beheadings, killing of cartoonists and journalist, burning-alive of hostages, and slaughtering of Christians from Libya to Iraq and Syria. You’re probably also aware of President Obama’s disingenuous avoidance of referring to them as “Islamic” and their intentions to establish a “caliphate.” For a moment, let’s step back for a broad look at what this demonic army of murderous militants is really all about.

First, ISIL adherents are Muslims and are supported by many Muslim nations from Iran to Yemen. Not all Muslims are as barbaric. I’ve met many wonderful Muslim people in Jordan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other Islamic nations who are equally horrified by what is going on. But let’s not kid ourselves, the fighters of ISIL are Muslims. As explained in my book LARSON’S BOOK OF WORLD RELIGIONS (To order CLICK HERE.) It was the religion’s founder Muhammad who advocated holy wars (jihad) to convert non-Muslims by violent force. He established the “eye for an eye” system of Sharia law which justifies amputations and beheadings.

Second, were it not for the Battle of Tours in 732, all of Europe would have fallen to Islam and we’d be speaking Arabic today. The caliphate promoted by ISIL desires to be a theocracy where being a non-Muslim is punishable by death. Iran is a milder form of that government and ISIL the more extreme version. Contrary to what our President erroneously alleged at the National Prayer Breakfast, the crusades were mostly a legitimate effort to stop the Islamic invasion of Europe and the subsequent annihilation of Christianity in Europe. Whatever immoral acts were committed by Crusaders were done in antipathy to Christ’s teachings. What terrorist Muslims are doing is consistent with the original barbarism of Muhammed as he slaughtered all who opposed him on the Arabian Peninsula.

Some additional things to consider:

  • ISIL tortures non-Muslims and Christians who are then murdered if they don’t recant their faith.
  • Muslim radicals enter into a demonic bargain of religious motivation, trading death for an Islamic “heaven” with 70 virgins awaiting. They did this in in the 7th Century and continue to this day.
  • During the time of the Crusades, conquered nations where given two choices: 1) Oppose Islam and be tortured and slaughtered, or 2) convert and still pay a zakat, religious tax.
  • Every Muslim on earth is ultimately committed under religious obligation to convert others by persuasion or violent force. Thankfully there are decent Muslim who aren’t quite so literal about their religion.
  • Crusaders who killed in the name of God, and there were some, contradicted the teachings of their religion’s founder. ISIL Muslims pillage as did their founder, who started 70 full scale wars during his 10 years in Medina from 622-632 A.D.
  • There is a distinction between jihad, which can mean conversion by persuasion and qital, which is the conversion-or-die practice of killing and torture demonstrated by ISIL.
  • ISIL today plunders oil profits, markets stolen priceless antiquities, and sells young girls into slavery to finance their war. Mohammed sanctioned plundering expeditions that raided caravans, murdering innocent civilians, to establish his precursor to a “caliphate.” Sound familiar?

Be watching for Part 2 of ISIL EXPLAINED later this week.


An encouraging word:

Sometimes we may read a scripture and miss the most important words. That is how I feel about Psalm 18:6. You may choose to read the whole verse, as David cries out to the Lord in distress, but these four words touched me the most: He heard my voice. David felt defeated. No one seemed to care. He actually thought he was going to die. But God heard his voice. God cared. God listened. And God answered because he heard David’s voice. As I wrote this, I thought about a very important need in my own life. I paused to pray. I don’t have the answer yet, but I know it’s coming, because I asked and the Lord heard.


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