Monday, February 29, 2016

A prophet sent from God?

Like many evangelicals, I am warming to Donald Trump. I’m not endorsing him or anyone else, and I don’t know for certain who will get my vote. (OK, not a socialist.) But the Christian nonsense going on in religious circles these days would be laughable if it weren’t pathetic. In case you aren’t aware, some religious “leaders” are saying that Donald Trump has “an anointing” to lead the country out of chaos. A “Cyrus anointing,” whatever that is. (Has “The Donald” become “The Great” of 500 BC?) Others say his Scottish heritage is a link to John Knox, the 16th Century theologian and Presbyterian clergyman. They’ve got to be kidding, but they’re not. It’s sad, but I trust Fox and CNN more than these political pundits cum-Christians. The have less depth than “The Economist” and fewer sources than “Time” magazine. Oh, I get it. They hear from “God.” So why is it that some think Marco’s the man, others say that Cruz is a godsend, and the rest pontificate that Donald Trump is a prophet sent from God. Could it be that all of them are just plain politicians, and none of them can save us from ourselves?

I’m not knocking the idea of Christians having insights into how the next President will led us spiritually and internationally. I’m just disgusted with those who think their Presidential pick is a mandate from God and has the imprimatur of the Almighty. Dreams? Visions? Prophetic words from the Lord? They all claim to hear from God. So why is God picking different Republican candidates as His own? It’s interesting that almost without exception these “prophetic” voices don’t do deliverance. They never battle face-to-face with real devils. Their demons of choice are named Bernie and Hillary. They substitute political hot-talk for a real hot-as-hell confrontation with a soul bound by Satan. They don’t even set one soul free in the name of Jesus, but they claim to be a prophetic mouthpiece of the Lord to set America free in the name of Trump.

Donald Trump may or may not make a good President. That remains to be seen, but can these self-appointed prognosticators for heaven dial back their umbrage a little? (I used umbrage because I know that most of the prophets who may read this will have to look it up and use a real literary resource for a change.) I like a lot of what Trump says but I’m not about to anoint him with a horn of oil yet. The same for all the other candidates. They are all human, mere men. (Ok, one’s a woman.) Let’s not crown them savior yet. We have one Lord. Or, in the heat of a political campaign, have some religious conservatives forgotten that?

What kind of company do you keep? Who do you hang out with? The Psalmist said, “I do not sit with deceitful men, nor do I consort with hypocrites” (Psalm 26:4). To live a righteous life you can’t run with the wrong crowd. Remember the old saying, “A rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.” Some Christians think that by spending time with sinners they will save them. In my years of experience in counseling, I can attest it usually turns out the other way. If you sit with “deceitful men” the danger is that they bring you down before you bring them up.

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