Monday, February 8, 2016

On our YouTube Exorcism Channel ( we present, from our archives, a selected exorcism every other week. On alternate weeks, we run episodes of “Ask the Exorcist.” Since launching this feature, I’ve been astounded at the diversity of questions and the countries from which our viewers watch. In addition to America and Europe, we regularly get questions from places you might not suspect, such as Egypt, Slovakia, Indonesia, Iran, Macedonia, Croatia, Kula Lumpur, Ethiopia, Slovenia, and India (to name a few). I can’t answer every question, so I pick the ones that best represent what our viewers want to know.

A few days ago I got a question from a viewer in Mauritius, a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, 1,200 miles off the coast of Africa. The inquirer wishes to remain anonymous, but his question is a common one that I get. I felt the answer was so urgently needed that I am responding here, in this blog. The person wonders if his family is under a curse. Family members sometimes speak in odd vocal inflections. One sibling committed suicide, and another becomes uncontrollably violent. Is it a curse?

First I am thrilled that our ministry reaches so many places via the internet, where the gospel might not otherwise penetrate. As to the issue of there being a curse, consider this. I always look at the statistical probability of whether whatever is taking place might be explained as a natural occurrence. Then I look at the severity of the situation. Finally, are the things which are happening supernatural and evil in nature? In this case, there is clearly a curse at work. The entire family needs to do these things: 1) Place complete trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, 2) renounce all known sins of every ancestor and place unknown sins under the blood of Christ, and the 3) command every evil spirit tormenting the family to reveal its spiritual, legal right, and get ready for spiritual warfare. Manifestations may start any time. Don’t be afraid to resist and rebuke these spirits in the Name of Jesus.

It would be helpful for this individual, and all family members, to read my book CURSE BREAKING (To order CLICK HERE.) and to enroll in our International School of Exorcism® (to enroll CLICK HERE.) If any readers of this blog identify with the struggles of our friend in Mauritius, don’t put off contacting us immediately for an Encounter or Skype session. Stop the suffering, break the curses, and walk in the freedom you deserve as a child of God!

An encouraging word: THE HOUSE OF THE LORD FOREVER
Psalm 23 is so beloved because it contains many truths, but we may know its verses so well that we fail to grasp their full meaning. For example, verse six says, “I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Most of us have a problem getting through each day, let alone deal with all the challenges of tomorrow. But those who have faith in God can have one matter settled — where they will spend eternity. By having eternity before us resolved, we can put the question of where we’ll spend eternity, behind us. So many things in life are unsettled, but make sure you have determined, by faith in Christ, what home will be yours for eternity.

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