Thursday, April 10th 2014

Left, a fight between Communists and Ukrainian nationalists breaks out this week
in Ukraine Parliament. Meanwhile, on the right, masked & unidentified
Russian soldiers infiltrate Ukraine to stir up unrest as they did in Crimea.


In 1941 during the Battle of Kiev, Ukraine, Soviet Communist troops were surrounded by the German army and surrendered 665,000 soldiers who were captured.  That Battle, part of the Southwestern Front, suffered over 600,000 killed. In 1943, the Soviet army battled the Third Reich and lost 700,000 soldiers in the battle for Kharkov, eastern Ukraine. Such numbers are unthinkable to Americans.  Perhaps you now understand why Vladimir Putin wants Ukraine back as part of Russia. After such defeats during WWII, he feels humiliated again by the loss of the Soviet Empire when freedom came to Eastern Europe in the early 1990s. Putin wants to right what he thinks were the wrongs of the past.

Let me put this in perspective for today. Kiev and Kharkov are the two largest cities in Ukraine, and they are the first two cities in which I will minister during our upcoming MISSION UKRAINE. Tuesday night, just this week, Kharkov was the scene of bloody shootings that left 2 dead and five injured. You’ve likely followed the demonstrations and killings in Kiev that recently left scores dead. Even though the corrupt Ukrainian leader, Yunakovych has been thrown out (and welcomed in Moscow), an estimated 80,000 combat-ready Russian troops are amassed on the Ukraine/Russian border waiting to invade Ukraine. They have sent paid provocateurs into Ukraine to stir up trouble, giving Russia the pretext for a full scale invasion, which Ukraine could not withstand unless America intervened. Ukraine, which has the largest Christian population in all of Eastern and Western Europe would come back under Russian control with Christian liberties severely limited.

Unless full-scale war breaks out, from April 17 – 28, I’ll minister in Kiev, Kharkov and three other Ukrainian cities. I’ll also spend at least four days in all-day training with 1,000+ pastors at the New Generation Bible College. Please pray for my safety and the protection of the others who travel with me. We are going into the very heart of where a major war could break out any time. We are going into uncertainty, from a human standpoint, but with spiritual certainty knowing that many thousands from Europe to Siberia will be forever changed and challenged to set the captives free.

An encouraging word:  GOD OF ABRAHAM

We sometimes speak of the “God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” (Matthew 22:32). We do so reverently with awe. But who were these guys, after all? There were mighty spiritual men, but . . . Abraham lied to Pharaoh about his wife. Isaac was a polygamist. Jacob was a deceiver. In reality, they were of less than sterling quality. Yet they are revered as the founders of the nation of Israel, and by bloodline the Church of Jesus Christ. If sometimes you are not feeling up to all it means to being a Christian, take comfort. Those who have paved our way weren’t exactly perfect. I’m not condoning lax living or lukewarm Christianity; but I am encouraging those who struggle to remember. You aren’t the first of faith to waver.

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