Monday, September 25, 2017
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Nude selfie of Michael Jackson’s daughter.

I remember where I was the moment I heard that the self-proclaimed, “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, was dead. I was in the fitness room of a Nairobi, Kenya hotel, working out, before boarding a plane to Tanzania where I’d climb the tallest mountain in Africa, 20,000 foot Kilimanjaro. I wasn’t really surprised to hear that Jackson was dead. No one was. He was a disaster in the making most of his life. A troubled, abusive childhood that exploited his talents; countless lawsuits accusing him of child molestation; weird plastic surgery; strange friends; reclusiveness, and eccentricity to the max. That included the short, odd marriage to Debbie Rowe, who bore Jackson two children, through what was obviously a womb-for-hire nuptial. (Likely, Jackson’s Jehovah’s Witness upbringing meant he had to marry the woman who was baking his babies.)

One of those children, Paris Jackson, is all grown up, and messed, as the above doctored, topless photo shows. (We blocked out her breasts, but in the published photo, which appeared in newspapers worldwide, Jackson bares it all.) But it isn’t the nudity that concerns me most. It’s the tattoos down the front of her chest. Hindu chakra designations. For the rest of her life, minus painful laser surgery, Jackson will bare the signs of demonic, Hindu domination. These symbols represent, in yoga and meditation, the seven psychic energy centers of the spine. Based on my experience in exorcism and deliverance ministry, these are portals where demons enter and reside. (For a more detailed explanation, read “Larson’s Book of World Religions.” To order CLICK HERE.) Chakras are demonic energy centers. When ministering deliverance to someone who’s done yoga, all I have to do is place a Bible on their back to get the demons to manifest, especially at the base of the spine, or the so-called “third eye.”

Minus serious therapeutic and spiritual intervention, Paris Jackson will likely be as messed up as her father was. She has inherited his demons, and I don’t mean that figuratively. Evil spirits were there at conception because Debbi Rowe was essentially a hired prostitute with a marriage certificate. Jackson had demons, and they destroyed him. I pray that Paris meets someone who knows the Lord, and not some zany, yoga-for-Jesus Christian. She needs an exorcism. I don’t write this to condemn her, but someone has to point out the obvious. Demons are inherited and her father moonwalked his way into a lifetime of dysfunctional evil and then passed on his curses. Pray for Paris that she doesn’t go any further down her father’s road to destruction and death.

An encouraging word: PRAISE GOD NOW
A misunderstood scripture is Psalm 6:5. Speaking of the Lord, the Psalmist says, “No one remembers you when he is dead. Who praises you from the grave?” The Living Bible puts it better: “For if I die, I cannot give you glory by praising you before my friends.” When you’re dead, as a Christian, your opportunities to glorify the Lord to the lost are gone. Take advantage of every opportunity now to lift your voice in praise while you still can. In a world of discouragement, others need to know that God is alive and worthy to be praised, while you are still alive to do it.

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