Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our galaxy  trilli-seconds after the “beginning.”
In the beginning God created. For millennia those simple words have defined the belief of humanity’s majority regarding the origin of all things. As of March 17 this year, findings were announced by scientists intending to debunk the biblical account. The event was the supposed confirmation of the theory of primordial gravitational waves. The idea has been debated for decades. Now some scientists who put no stock in the creation story of Genesis believe they have confirmed that in a trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second a volume of space no larger than an atom expanded to the size of our solar system. That’s fast and that’s big. It’s called the theory of inflation. But, boy, is that a lot of inflation. It all boils down to this. In the words of one scientific pundit, the beginning of the universe was the “chance result of a quantum fluctuation in the nothingness beforehand.” Huh? Nothingness? Out of nothing came something? I’d call that “faith” not “science. And it’s a little harder to understand than the fruit of a forbidden tree and a beguiling serpent which is just too simple for scientific inquiring minds.

One observer of this new idea of how things all began says, “The deepest truths of the material universe are to be fond by gazing out into the deepest, earliest recesses of space.” Really, and I thought that the deepest truths could be found in the Divine revelation of God’s Word. There’s nothing wrong with scientific investigation, but why does it always seem to lead away from God? Scientists, whether they admit it or not, are philosophical and theological products of our culture, and our culture is godless and immoral, for the most part. Is this latest theory of how it all started a giant leap for science but a setback for sanity? Ironically, James 2:19 tells us that demons believe the Bible and “tremble” at what God’s Word says. Perhaps a little respect for God’s words “in the beginning” is in order for those who believe in the inflation theory.


An encouraging word:  SEEKING GOD’S HEARTThe Bible describes David as a “man after His [the Lord’s] own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14). But how can that be? David murdered and committed adultery. Perhaps David’s heart was like God’s heart because he wanted to feel what God felt. So often we want the Lord to understand our hurts and anguish. But what about how God feels toward us? Is He grieved at our actions? Is he pained by our waywardness? If you want your heart to be like God’s heart then think, for a moment, about how God feels about you.


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