Thursday, Feb 12, 2015





They don’t call it Iceland for nothing. In winter, the average high never gets out of the 30s. In summer, the average high doesn’t even break 60 degrees. Warmest temperature ever-74! Agreed, that’s icy. But now this North Atlantic island is about to get much chillier, spiritually speaking. Having turned its back on God, like the rest of Europe, Iceland is experiencing a rise of interest in Norse witchcraft, with popular ceremonies to call up (or down) the ancient deities of Odin, Thor, Loki (Lucifer), and Freya (Jezebel). For the first time since the age of the Vikings a temple is being built in Iceland to honor and conjure these bloodthirsty, warlike demons. Christianity conquered the Land 1,000 years ago, but today, belief in the God of the Bible is in retreat. It’s among the top ten nations of the world with atheist populations. A high priest who heads up this occult religious revival says of the ancient Norse myths,“We see the stories as poetic metaphors and a manifestation of the forces of nature and human psychology.” Yet plans are set to honor the old gods with a “blot,” a sacrifice to the gods which once involved human blood. Now, it’s mostly party with lots of drinking.


Much the same is happening all across Europe with the revival of worshiping long-forgotten pagan deities. As Christianity wanes, these old violent and sensuous demi-gods fill the voice of lost religious fervor. Likewise, as reported in my blog of January 2 of this year (To read “Witchcraft in America” CLICK HERE.), an estimated 10 million practicing pagans populate our shores. There are many reasons for this demise of biblical faith; but at the top of the list is the gutting of the gospel by market-driven, seeker-friendly, pious-pablum churches that cater to comfy Christians. When people no longer witness the supernatural power of Christ through salvation and deliverance they look elsewhere for empirical validation of faith. And in Iceland, ancient demons of barbaric cruelty have rushed in in to fill the spiritual void that is left.



An encouraging word: GOD WILL ANSWER


The Psalmist David speaks of crying out to God in Psalm 17:6 and firmly declares, “You will answer me.” That’s one of the no “ifs, ands, and buts” kind of statements. No doubt. No waffling. God WILL answer. That is the kind of faith that gets results. Granted, the answer isn’t always to our liking, but real prayer gets real answers. To exercise that kind of confidence in God takes desperation and verbalization. You must want the answer badly and you need to utter the request to God. Lay before the Lord your need in a way that demonstrates your belief in His hearing and you will get a response. He will answer.

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