Monday, December 26, 2016

On left, Barack Obama family seasonal card. On right, Donald Trump’s card.

Let me be more grammatically correct regarding the title to this blog, I HATE HAPPY HOLIDAYS. What I mean to say is that I hate the greeting, “Happy Holidays.” I don’t hate holidays that are happy. More pecisely, I hate (Ok that word is a little strong . . . I intensely dislike) the politically correct greeting that uses “holidays” in place of “Christmas.” I’m disappointed that Trump covered both bases with “Merry” and “Happy.” But at least he did include “Merry Christmas.” President Obama, in his typical offend-no-one (except Christians) style, just can’t bring himself to say “Christmas.” Eight years in a row he has deliberately refused to issue a First Family “Merry Christmas” greeting.

But what is Christmas? It’s actually a Middle Ages compound word meaning “Christ’s Mass,” or “Cristemasse,” the commemoration of Christ’s birth. In case you haven’t noticed, there have been a lot more “Merry Christmas” greetings thrown around this year. Perhaps it’s the Trump-effect, the celebration that the Obama years of bowing to spiritual multi-culturalism are over. (Read that, criticize Christianity but always call Islam a “peaceful religion.”) I don’t know yet if public-square religious sentiments are going to change in the next four years, but I have hope. I’m not saying who history will judge as the best President between Obama and Trump, but I can tell you I do like the Trump card better. It’s not where it needs to be, but moving in the right direction, for now. Let’s pray that next year Trump puts an angel or a nativity beneath his “Merry.” That will make a lot of Christians happy, and it will certainly make Jesus more happy. After all, it is His birth that we celebrate.

An encouraging word: GIVE UNTO THE LORD
Christmas is a time of giving. We all wonder what is the best gift for those we love, especially that person who “has everything.” But God truly does have everything. He made it all, and it all belongs to him. So, what can we give the Lord? Psalm 29:1-2 has the answer: “Give unto the Lord . . . glory and strength . . . glory due to his name.” And, of course, we can give our tithes and offerings. Statistics indicate that in the American evangelical church, less than 5% give the 10%. If you are one of that 95%, remember that nothing you have of God’s blessings belongs to you anyway. Give of your resources and that will give Him glory.

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