Monday, June 26, 2017

A selfie at Stonehenge.


“Historical revisionism” is usually an academic pursuit, the scholarly challenge to orthodox views of the past. It’s usually done as the result of new facts or evidence that sheds different light on former events. The purpose is to refine the view of an historical event based on new information. Such an arcane academic art may not mean much to most people, but it becomes a potentially dangerous practice when it invades past views with a revised spiritual perspective. This came to my mind during our recent European Mission, the day I visited Stonehenge.

Having traveled to more than 100 countries there’s not a lot I haven’t seen. But in the half-dozen times I’ve been to England, I had never visited those ancient monolithic monuments on Salisbury Plain. On this mission, with a very heavy schedule of seminars and Encounters, there was little time to be a tourist. But on a free afternoon in England I decided that, from a spiritual standpoint, Stonehenge was a must.

This ancient ring of standing stones, each 13 feet high and weighing 25 tons, was constructed 4-5,000 years ago. Its definitive purpose is shrouded in history. Many bones have been found there, leading some to say it was a burial site. But the setting of the stones with regards to the solstices and equinoxes clearly indicates a ritual purpose. Theories abound regarding how the stones were brought to this location and so precisely positioned. But the real controversy surrounds to what purpose such a Herculean task was engaged.

It’s not fashionable to speak of Stonehenge as a location of demonic activities. Decades ago that was a plausible explanation. Not today. Historical revisionism has taken over. As I intensely studied every aspect of Stonehenge, reading all the markers and literature provided for tourists, not one mention was made of ritual sacrifice. This UNESCO/World Heritage-sanctioned site avoids admitting that, even day, witches, pagans, and Neo-druids hallow this spot, and receive special dispensation to practice witchcraft ceremonies there. But despite politically correct efforts to evict the Druids and downplay their affection for Stonehenge, such groups revere the spot as an energy center of supernatural power.

Who were the Druids that archaeologist would rather ignore? Ancient Greek and Roman writers define them as practitioners of human sacrifice. Caesar wrote of them constructing large wooden effigies, a “wicker-man” (Can we all say, “Burning Man” in the Nevada desert?) in which to burn victims alive. But as I walked about Stonehenge, there were no references to any of this. And one more note. In countless exorcisms, demons ancestrally connected to ancient Gaul have spoken of the Druids and their murderous connections to Stonehenge. While such evidence may not be admissible as archaeological evidence, I question why the current political custodians of Stonehenge are so intent on purging this part of England’s unsavory past with historical revisionism. If the reader has ancestors from England or Ireland, get my book “Curse Breaking” and start immediately to tear down any spiritual strongholds of your forebears who may go back to the builders of Stonehenge.



An encouraging word: WE HAVE AN ANCHOR
In a world that denies the reality of God and the devil, Christians have a forceful message to convey. The Bible alone gives us a true understanding of evil’s origin and the hope of humanity to overcome all that isn’t good. It’s simple. Satan fell, Adam sinned, and it’s been downhill ever since. But Christ came, died on the cross and conquered our iniquities by the shedding of His blood. Society at-large may be confused about the causes of misfortune and wonder how to handle the craziness of our times, but as Christians we have an Anchor (Hebrews 6:19) and we have answers. Go share those answers with others!

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