I do my best to stay informed on any variety of issues. Politics, social trends, and of course, religion. I want to know what the devil is doing. Not just with individual lives, but across the entire cultural spectrum. That’s why occasionally I read contrary opinions, like Salon, a liberal web news site widely respected and quoted by the news media. This week, they had an article that made my blood boil: 11 heinous lies conservatives are teaching America’s schoolchildren. I almost don’t know where to start, but someone needs to refute such nonsense. I guess it’s easy to lie about “conservatives” (a leftist code word for “Christians”) if you don’t think they’ll read what you write. You can say what you want and get away with it, no matter how ridiculously false it is.

There’s not enough room in this blog to refute all 11 of the left’s lies, but I’ll pick the most egregious to show you how unfair “liberals” (my code word of “anti-Christians” in this case) are and how they arrogantly twist the truth to make believers look like idiots. It’s all part of an effort to make Christians look ignorant and unworthy of being part of America’s social contract. Now, on to a few of the lies listed in this article, purporting to illustrate what Christians actually believe:

  1. Slavery wasn’t that big a deal. FACT-It was Christian abolitionists like Wilberforce of England who spearheaded the demise of slavery
  2. Joe McCarthy was right. FACT-He was an alcoholic liar as most informed Christians know and used his political platform for self-aggrandizing aims.
  3. The Bible is a . . . scientific document. FACT-No respected theologian says that. Yes, we refuse to believe what evolution says about the origins of man, but as home schooling parents we don’t use Scripture to teach calculus or physics.
  4. Black people are descendants of Ham and therefore cursed by God. FACT-Laughable. Only wacko Identify Movement cultists believe something so diabolical. Yet Salon boldly says: “Christians are still trying to justify the enslavement of African Americans over a century ago.”

I’m out of room to refute all the lies of the left, such as Salon’s claims that Christians believe “sex is awful and filthy,” “gay people do not actually exist,” all hippies were “Satan-worshippers,” etc. The Christian-hating left has the right to believe what they wish, what they don’t have the right to do is publish such patently stupid prevarications in the name of progressive journalism. There’s an agenda here. By portraying conservative Christians as mindless bigots we are marginalized. That makes it easier to persecute us in any every way possible, starting with words on a page and headed to the courts and the jails. Its lies like this that imprison Christians in Iran, Cuba and under other totalitarian regimes. It must not happen in America.