Thursday, August 6, 2015


Monday of this week, my blog discussed the topic of so-called soul-ties, (To read that blog, CLICK HERE.) This blog further develops that topic. As I discussed in the earlier blog, such bonds may be marital, sexual, fraternal, emotional, spiritual, relational, or any other number of amalgamations that closely knit together two or more individuals in a common purpose. That’s not necessarily bad. If the intent of the co-joining is equally yoked and within proper boundaries, great good can come of it. Deuteronomy 32:30 tells us that if one can chase a thousand, then two can put ten thousand to flight. In other words, a godly soul-tie exponentially increases the value of combined actions. This principle is also true when the action taken by the coupling is ungodly. Demonic bonds of the soul can be spiritually devastating.

Here are some examples:

  • A casual sexual encounter with a partner carrying generational curses of witchcraft.
  • A businessperson who forms an alliance with an associate having dubious ethics.
  • A spouse who remains in an adulterous marriage when all efforts to reform have failed.
  • An adult who experienced sexual abuse from an unrepentant parent and who, out of a misguided sense of honor, keeps close contact with that parent.
  • A parishioner who remains under the teaching and authority of a pastor who has morally lapsed and has sought no accountable restoration.
  • A member of an organization such as Freemasons who is bound by soul-tie, demonic oaths

This list could be much more exhaustive, but the dangers of not severing a satanic soul-tie are almost innumerable. If you find yourself in such bondage, take these steps. First, extricate yourself immediately from the soul-bonded relationship. Second, second seek godly counsel and deliverance. (Call now to schedule a Personal Spiritual Encounter or Skype Encounter with me. Call 303-980-1511.) Finally, beware the spiritual oppression which will exert pressure to keep you in the soul-ties.

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 An encouraging word:  NO OTHER GOD.

 Ours is an age of syncretism and compromise. A time of live and let live, especially in the religious area. You’ve heard it stated many ways, such as, “There is one god and many roads to him.” But Deuteronomy 32: 39 is emphatic: “There is no God besides me.” The revealed deity of Scripture, Jehovah, has no competitors, no pretenders to His throne. To the inclusive religionist who wants to reduce all gods to irrelevant sameness, this scripture is a major hurdle. It leaves no room for accommodation. All other so-called gods are false. They are deceivers, unworthy of worship. Don’t be taken in by those CO-EXIST bumper stickers. There is only one God and his ultimate expression is in Jesus, the Christ.

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