Monday, October 24, 2016


Yours truly, shopping at Walgreens and taking a selfie.

What could be less innocuous than a trip to my local pharmacy to get a flu shot? There to greet me, right inside the entrance, was a six-foot mannequin of a witch; hence, the selfie above. Further inside, it seemed that the whole store had set aside normal drugstore fare of liniments and lotions in favor of ghosts and goblins. It’s that time of year, and death, darkness, and divination have taken over our culture. I’ve written extensively about Halloween in the past, detailing all its unsavory, demonic origins and associations. (Read my book LARSON’S BOOK OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE. To order CLICK HERE.) No point in detailing all those objections again here. If you have any doubts about the evil of Halloween, Google it. Or Wikipedia it. (“It is widely believed that many Halloween traditions originated from Celtic Harvest festivals which may have pagan roots, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain . . .” – Paragraph 2, current Wikipedia entry.) Samhain? Once again, good ole Wikipedia: “Samhain was a time when the doorways to the Otherworld opened, allowing supernatural beings [sic, demons] and souls of the dead to come into our world.”

It is the casual invasion of the occult into our culture, during Halloween, that upsets me, this normalization of the demonic. Doubtless the management of Walgreens hasn’t a clue what the Bible says about witchcraft: “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” It was a capital crime in the theocracy of Israel. It cost King Saul his kingdom and life! I was only seeking a shot in the arm to protect me from a virus at my neighborhood pharmacy, not an unwanted introduction to all things divinatory and devilish. Got it I did, all in the name of marketing the accoutrements of evil for one of the biggest sales periods of the year, second only to Christmas.

Halloween has never been an issue in our home. It’s always been verboten. No big deal. No whining. No, “Please, daddy, can we trick or treat, all the other kids are doing it?” Not even the pathetic substitute of a Christian “fall festival.” We’ve raised our three daughters in a spiritual warfare family. They know the reality of demons and the devil and want nothing to do with the slightest hint of compromise with such associations of evil. In our home, every day is the Lord’s day (Psalm 118:24). Away with all connections to witchcraft and occultism. What are you doing October 31?

An encouraging word: DON’T IMITATE EVIL
I’ve already taken a shot at Halloween in my blog, this week. But I can’t resist another salvo aimed at October 31. These are the words of 3 John 11: “Beloved, do not imitate what is evil.” I’m certain that the apostle didn’t have in mind a culture obsessed with all things dark and divinatory this time of year. His injunction was more generally applied to anything which hints of imitating (copying as a model) any kind of evil associations. We are not to mimic the ways of the world, especially when what they celebrate leads to spiritual bondage. Halloween aside, consider for a moment any compromises you may be making to “imitate” things which are unacceptable to God. Then, change your behavior and associations to emulate the will and ways of the Lord.

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