Thursday, Sept 4, 2014


Having a baby — 46 years age difference!



In our world of increasing sexual options, who knows what’s next? This may be it. And it’s off the charts. A 72-year-old grandmother, Pearl Carter, is having a baby by using a surrogate mother. Weird but legal. What makes this story even stranger is that the father is Pearl’s 26-year-old grandson, Phil. If you missed this story, it’s bizarre. Pearl put her daughter Lynette up for adoption when she was 18. (It would be interesting to know why, but Lynette was likely illegitimate.) When Phil’s mother Lynette died, he looked up long, lost grandma. Presto, the two fell in love. Not just “like,” love — sexual love.

Says Phil, “I’ve always been attracted to older women.” Yeah, Phil, really older. Like 2.77 times your age. Using her pension funds, Peal spent $54,000 to have Phil’s sperm implanted in a child-bearing woman named Roxanne. And she’s 30, still older than Phil. Meanwhile, Phil is head over heels, incestuously in love with grandma. As for Pearl, she says “God’s given me a second chance.”

I’m shaking my head too. Where do we start to understand this depraved coupling? This is worse than the prohibition of Leviticus chapter 18 regarding a man having sex with his mother. That brought the death penalty in ancient Israel. This is not mom, but grandmom. Just think of all the curses at work here on the poor, innocent child to be born. Illegitimacy, rejection, incest, fornication, perversion, abomination; take your pick, and I’m sure lots of demons have. As to a God-given “second chance,” what about the baby who will enter life full of demons and cursed to suffer the consequences of this forbidden love?

An encouraging word:  CONSIDER

Much has been said about David’s description of God’s creative genius that fashioned the heavens, spoken of in Psalm 8:3; but I’d like to focus on the first three words of that Psalm: “When I consider.” Consider. That’s what too few do today. They rush pell-mell on in life from one thing to another without stopping to consider. That’s a spiritual art. Today, stop for a moment to consider. Consider the love of family. The kindness of a friend. The beauty of the world around you. A blessings God has given. Most of all, consider that God so-loved the world He gave His son to save you.

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