Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014

If you’re like me, there are a lot of questions in life that go unanswered because we never take the time to ask and investigate the answer. Like why car speedometers list speeds that you shouldn’t attain and couldn’t if you wanted to. Unlike Germany’s autobahn (Been there driven that. Crazy!) American highways never legally post a speed limit over 85. But your car likely has a speedometer tempting you to go way beyond that. If you drive a high-performance vehicle the top range, on your speedometer, may be well over 140 m.p.h. Even over 200! What gives? According to a former Nissan executive, 80% of cars won’t go over 110, and standard-issue tires aren’t made for over 130.

It’s all about salesmanship. Selling you on the idea that your car has a hot engine and can maximize velocity if you want to. Basically, you’re being sold a lie. Sin is like that. Don’t believe it if your spiritual speedometer says you can abuse sex and drugs without consequences; if you can harbor anger and bitterness without a toxic price to your soul and body; if you can spurn Christ in favor of living in the fast lane. First, the devil can’t take you where he promises. He uses a lying moral speedometer to get you into the danger zone. It’s there that the devil and demons take over and a crash is waiting.


An encouraging word:  QUICK JUSTICE

As humans we demand quick justice, or what we perceive from a human standpoint to be alacrity with punishment. But 2 Peter 3:9 tells us that God is “longsuffering” so that “all should come to repentance.” Man’s instinct is to get even, now, the faster the better. But the Lord has a longer-range, more compassionate purpose in mind. God wants everyone to be saved, “all.” That means your enemies and those who have abused and misused you. God knows that to perish for eternity is a terrible thing and He does everything possible for lost souls to avoid. So the next time you feel like some bad person isn’t getting their comeuppance quickly enough, remember God wants to save them not condemn them.

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