Thursday, October 8, 2015
“You’re the reason God made Oklahoma,” sang David Frizzell and Shelly West, back in 1981. “Losing you left a pretty good cowboy with nothing to hold on to.” Nearly 25 years later, the Supreme Court of Oklahoma has determined that God didn’t make anything in Oklahoma and nothing that He says matters much anymore. As I head to Oklahoma City next week for seminar on October 16 (CLICK HERE for seminar information.) something will be missing: a massive granite monument on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol. Installed in 2012, by an act of the state legislature, the monument, engraved with the Ten Commandments was removed this week. Thanks to a lawsuit filed by a Baptist – that’s right I said BAPTIST – minister fought to have it eradicated. The minister, Bruce Prescott, a professor at the University of Oklahoma, said he was concerned that people of other faiths, or no faith, might be offended and their rights as citizens infringed upon.
And which of the “Shalt Nots” on the monument were so offensive? God’s commands to refrain from murder, adultery, stealing, lying, coveting? But some argued, “What if Satanist want to display Lucifer (Actually, they tried to.)? It wasn’t Luciferians who pledged their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” to establish this great republic. And which other religion to be accommodated has such a codified moral code that speaks so clearly to the most noble virtues of humanity? None. Let me see if I understand this correctly. In an age when Planned Parenthood harvests fetuses, rape and molestation are epidemic, and the rate of illegitimacy in the U. S. is over 40% of all live births, a Baptist minister should actually be worried about a stone carving saying DON’T DO IT?
From my perspective of spiritual warfare, that Baptist preacher is an agent of Satan, I care not what his stated motives. His actions, aided by atheists, have pushed the Oklahoma Supreme Court to allow demons the right to attack the good citizens of Oklahoma in unprecedented ways. God DID make Oklahoma, as He did all of us. To deny the Almighty Creator his role in human affairs is to grant license to Lucifer to wreak his havoc on the Sooner State.

An encouraging word: SIN NEVER SATISFIES

As I was recently reading about the life of King David, I was reminded again of that awful account in 2 Samuel 13:15 when David’s son Amnon raped and incested his sister Tamar. After Amnon’s scheming to consummate the awful act, the Bible tells us that Amnon’s feelings toward Tamar were such that “the hatred with which he hated her was greater than the love with which he had loved her.” That’s the way with sin. It never delivers what it promises. Whatever evil desires may be in your heart today, repent quickly. Even if you get what you sinfully want, it won’t satisfy afterwards and you will sorely regret that you did it.

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