Monday, Dec 29, 2014

The news clipping above is a real news article about a real event in Nigeria. Police jailed a goat on charges of robbery, claiming the animal was actually a human robber who supernaturally morphed himself into a goat to avoid detection. In America, that seems laughable. Not in Nigeria, or most any nation in Africa. Cultures there are not as rationalistic as westerners who ridicule most talk of the paranormal. But step outside of the U. S. A. and you’ll find a different paradigm of reality in most nations, especially in countries with a history of tribalism and witchcraft. Tales of witch doctors transforming themselves into animal forms are replete in such societies, especially in places like Nepal and Tibet where lamas claim the power to appear as tigers and leopards. Some African shamans say they can morph into a lion, as needs be, to seek revenge on an enemy. Similar tales have been told to me in Haiti by believers and non-believers of voodoo.

Superstition? Legend? Hype? Likely, but maybe Satan knows something about the coefficient between energy and matter (You know, E=MC2; all matter and energy are interchangeable.). Remember Jannes and Jambres, the black magicians of Pharoah (1 Tim. 3:8), were able to duplicate the miracle of Moses and turn their rods into snakes as well. In the end, a goat may just be a goat. But we must never underestimate what Satan can do to and for those who delve into his realm. That is why God has forbidden all the supernaturalism of the occult. Stay away from Ouija Boards, psychics, Tarot cards, fortune tellers, and all divination or the devil may get your goat.



An encouraging word: SEATED IN HEAVENLY PLACES


Ephesians chapter two has always been one of my favorite portions of the Bible. I especially like the truth in verse six, that as Christians, we are seated “together” with Christ in “heavenly places.” I realize that in our day to day struggles it doesn’t often feel like we are raised in righteousness and, spiritually speaking, right there next to Christ in heavenly realms. Of course, our condition in the flesh doesn’t always match the position of our spiritual standing with Christ. That’s when we need to remind ourselves, and the devil, that no matter what the circumstances, Christ is always that near, seated right next to us and cheering us on in a front-row seat.


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