Monday, Nov 3, 2014

Okay, so some of my critics may not agree that tattoos can be portals for demons. I get that, though I think they should take a moment to read my book CURSE BREAKING (to order CLICK HERE) and digest the section on the “curse of cremation.” Leaving that aside, maybe there is something even my tattooed Christian friends can agree upon. (Then again, maybe not, in our age of eclectic, no-rules Christianity.) A hot new trend is having the cremated remains of a loved one tattooed as a memorial, and a constant reminder of their presence. It certainly adds new meaning to the old Frank Sinatra signature song, by Cole Porter, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” Says one tattoo artist, “Ashes are essentially carbon, and carbon is the main ingredient in black ink. ” Some have even had their cat or dog’s cremated remains tattooed, preferably in the shape of a paw. Awww. Or should it be Ugh!

This trend, dubbed “morbid ink” by  some, may carry health risks since cremated remains are unsterile. But it’s the spiritual contamination that concerns me. As an exorcist having done in excess of 30,000 documented cases of actual exorcisms, I’m surprised I haven’t run into this yet. Or perhaps I have and no one told me. One thing is certain, the Bible is clear about the curse of touching an unclean corpse (see Numbers chapter 9). That injunction was for more than hygienic reasons. God also wanted to separate his people from the pagan practice of failing to honor the dead body by leaving it to be defiled and devoured by wild beasts. The Lord also wanted this command to be a symbol of the purity of God’s people, to worship a living God instead of unduly revering a dead corpse as was the heathen custom of the time. If momma or Tabby or aunt Emma is under your skin, get deliverance before their cremation become your curse. The remains of a dead body in a tattoo could be an invitation for a ghost (demon) to haunt the entire body.

An encouraging word:  FOUNDATIONS IN LIFE

 One of the most quoted verses in the Bible is Psalm 11:3: If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? Many sermons have been preached on these 10 words, but I’d like to reflect on the foundations that make life worth living. Trust and faith in God is an indispensable foundation. So is family and friendships. Believing God’s word about sin and eternity provides a foundation to face death. The church, despite its frailties, is another crucial foundation. How many of these foundations are securely grounded in your life? If you don’t want your plans and hopes destroyed, take care that your foundations are secure. 


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