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This is the 2nd part of my series on generational curses. Be sure to read Part #1 before proceeding. (To read CLICK HERE.)

The reality of generational curses is resisted by the majority of evangelical Christians in America. Not so once you leave our shores. In most of the Caribbean, South and Central America, Africa, India, Asia, and the Far East such teachings are readily accepted. America has enjoyed the benefits of roughly 400 years of Christian culture. Historically, no one had to deliver most Americans from tribalism, idolatry, and ancestor worship. (That is rapidly changing with the influx of the New Age and eastern religions.) There are essentially four uniquely American theological adaptations that resist the idea of inheriting the evil one’s ancestors. This subject is covered thoroughly in my book CURSE BREAKING: Freedom from the Bondage of Generational Sin. (To order CLICK HERE.) Below is a very brief analysis of four theological viewpoints that resist the idea of inherited curses. I’m not suggesting that these viewpoints automatically deny the reality of generational sins, but a misreading of these doctrinal viewpoints has led many to deny bloodline evil. I’m not stating fact below but rather how each perspective wrongly colors this issue.

REFORMED/CALVINIST: If one is predestined to be either blessed or cursed, then the choices of evil ancestors have no bearing. An individual’s spiritual standing with God is a matter of election and sovereign design, and therefore predisposed tendencies to evil are irrelevant.

WESLEYIAN/HOLINESS: If one is fully sanctified by a “second work of grace,” there can be no place for generational curses to abide. All inherited evil tendencies are eradicated.

ANABAPTIST/BAPTIST: An incorrect view of “once saved, always saved” has caused many pastors to teach that beyond salvation there can be nothing left of original sin or inherited iniquities.

PENTECOSTAL/CHARISMATIC: If speaking in tongues is the “sign” of the “fullness” of the Spirit’s presence, then this spiritual gift precludes that one who is “filled” can have anything else abiding spiritually or genetically.

The fallacies of these positions will be dealt with at another time. I merely intend to show that these dominant evangelical ideas, when taken to wrong conclusions, hinder Christians from receiving full deliverance for all the inherited bondage of the Enemy.

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An encouraging word:

In 1 Timothy 4:1 the apostle Paul warns that, in the last days, some Christians will be deceived by teachings that come from demons. Such deception would not be possible were it not for the close resemblance such teachings have to the truth. The things about which Paul warns are not just opinions or alternative viewpoints about the things of God. These idea come straight from demons and must be recognized as such. As with any counterfeit, the way to tell error is by the measure of truth. The tragedy about which this verse forewarns us is only possible if the Word of God is not honored and taught. Stay in the Word today so that no doctrine of demons overcomes you.

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